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Flood is a disaster that must be faced by many countries in the world and the modular tank exporter in Indonesia has a great solution for that. This solution is smart, practical, and affordable as well.

The depletion of open space for water catchment is one of the causes of flooding in urban areas. Therefore, it has long been recommended that every house have an infiltration well to collect rainwater while preserving groundwater reserves.

The mandatory has been made through the policies in certain provinces in the world. However, so far, only a few have carried it out due to some reasons.

One of the reasons is the hassle of making it, especially in a house with a narrow land. Usually infiltration wells are made of concrete of a certain depth and diameter.

Modular tank
Modular tank

Modular tank Exporter in Indonesia and It’s Products

Now there is a more practical infiltration well that is called the modular tank. It is known as the Australian technology product imported that can be exported by BaliGEOTEX.

This product is lighter, stronger and easier to install. Furthermore, is a porous modular tank of polyropylene. It can be mixed with other materials as well such as the recycled plastics.

The products from modular tank exporter in Indonesia can be arranged or placed horizontally or vertically. The module’s perforated top-bottom and right-left surfaces allow it to absorb water from all directions.

That is for both; vertically and horizontally. The tank can be planted in the yard or parking area. The installed items consists of partitions whose number depends on the application.

Three bulkheads can withstand pressures of 17 tons/m2, 4 bulkheads of 22 tons/m2, and 5 bulkheads of 27 – 30 tons/m2. So, you may choose based on your goals and needs.

The Variants

Single, double, triple, quad and penta modular tank exporter in Indonesia are available. The width is around 40 cm with the length of 71.5 cm, height 44 – 211 cm and a capacity of 125.94 – 606.32 liters.

The weight of the tank per cubic is only 7 kg. A building covering an area of 50 square meters (m2) requires 1.3 – 2.1 cubic meters (m3) of infiltration wells.

Or ideally every 25 m2 of fields that cannot absorb water is compensated with one cubic meter of infiltration wells. The price of modules per cubic is quite affordable as well.

Based on the data, the price was 25 percent cheaper than concrete infiltration wells. 10-year product warranty is another service that is usually given by a modular tank exporter in Indonesia.

The Details and Specs

For rainwater absorption function, this tank module must be wrapped in geotextile. The aim is to store water with HDPE (high density polyethylene) geomembrane.

Rainwater collected in the tank can be used to water plants, wash cars, and others. The distance of infiltration wells from building foundations is at least 1 m.

From the clean water well, the distance must be at least 3m and 5 meters from Septic tanks. Sometimes, not all regions can install infiltration wells.

In the areas where the groundwater level is high, the soil is clay, it is difficult to absorb water. However, there is a solution from modular tank exporter.

In such areas, simply installing one tank module is a great thing to try. You may purchase these items from BaliGEOTEX as a professional modular tank exporter in Indonesia.

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