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Whether you want to create a conducive and calm environment of work, reduce the footstep sound from stairs, or just soundproof your home, you need a noise control. In this case, sound insulation is designed specially to stop the noise or create quieter indoor environments. However, because there are many options available, it’s tricky to know the right one for you. In this article, we will put a guide to help you to find the best sound insulation factory in Indonesia and get the best sound insulation products as you need.

What to Buy at a Sound Insulation Factory in Indonesia

Sound Insulation Factory in Indonesia

There are some solutions for sound insulation. One of them is a sound insulation batt. You need to know that a it effectively reduces the noise by absorbing it. You can install it inside a building’s floor, ceiling, or wall cavities during the phase of construction/renovation. It contains thermal insulation properties, making it provide great insulation.

Besides that, there’s also a sound insulation board/panel. There are various solutions of interior sound insulation you can install. For the existing building, you don’t need to open up ceiling or wall cavities. Alternatively, you may consider DIY sound insulation. For example, you can use floor coverings like a carpet that has an underlay. Or, you can install double glazed windows to block external noise. Then, curtains over windows will also be helpful to absorb sound. Even more, it is also a good idea to have a solid internal door to keep the room peaceful. Anyway, if you want to keep your home away from noise, you can buy sound insulation from Urban Plastic.

Best Sound Insulations

Sound Insulation

Talking about the best sound insulation always becomes a controversy. In fact, contractors have their own ways and may recommend a certain approach working well for them. Even though there are different methods, they provide the same results. Adding mass is one of the most common methods. It is very simple like just adding a sound-reducing drywall layer or with mass-loaded vinyl. Then, decoupling is another common way. If you isolate each wall side, it will stop vibrations from creeping the wall. It means, the noise won’t reach another side.

Insulating the cavity of the wall also belongs to the most common method where it prevents noise passing through the drywall’s outer layer from passing through the air. In addition, there are some other alternatives to consider such as a spray foam, blown-in fiberglass, rockwool batt, etc.

In conclusion, any type of sound insulation can be helpful to reduce the noise transmission through partitions. Whatever the type of sound insulation you want, make sure that you buy it from a reputable place. Here, Urban Plastic is a sound insulation factory in Indonesia that provides you with high-quality solutions at competitive prices. With the Urban Plastic’s sound insulation solutions, you can keep your building feel peaceful. Anyway, sound insulation is not only ideal for home but also other buildings such as offices, hotels, music studios, etc.