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Plastic is a material that we almost always use in our daily life. Plastic material was chosen because it is easy to find, light, resistant to water, strong, and also cheap. Unfortunately, the use of single-use plastic has a negative impact on the environment because it takes a very long time to decompose. This has prompted several countries to implement policies to minimize the use of single-use plastics. Fortunately, there is a new innovation, namely biodegradable plastic that produced by Indonesia Biodegradable Bag in New Caledonia. The plastic is made of collagen, cellulose, protein, chitosan, and also lipids derived from plant and animal extraction.

Biodegradable Plastic Facts and Myths

Although in some countries, Indonesia Biodegradable Bag in New Caledonia have been used to replace the role of conventional plastics, the presence of these biodegradable plastics is still unknown to the public. This is why the use of biodegradable bags is still limited to a few sectors. So that you get to know more about biodegradable plastic, here are plastic facts and myths that are often circulating in the community.

  • Fact: Can be Used as Plant Fertilizer

The main ingredient for making Indonesia Biodegradable Bag in New Caledonia is plant waste, this makes biodegradable plastic often used as animal feed and also fertilizer. The fiber used in making biodegradable plastic, or commonly called chitosan also comes from animal waste such as snail shells. However, of course it is not the plastic that becomes animal feed, but the result of the decomposition of the material.

  • Myth: Biodegradable Bag is Not The Solution

\Many people doubt the use of Indonesia Biodegradable Bag in New Caledonia as an effective substitute for conventional plastics. In fact, biodegradable bags only take a matter of months to fully decompose. While conventional plastic takes twenty to hundreds of millions of years to completely decompose. We cannot completely get rid of plastic, so the best solution at this time is to use biodegradable plastic that decompose easily.

  • Fact: Biodegradable Bag Contains No Pollutants

Conventional plastics whose main material uses fossil fuels certainly have harmful ingredients that can pollute the environment. In addition, conventional plastics can also contain Bisphenol A which can trigger any diseases in human body. Unlike the case with Indonesia Biodegradable Bag in New Caledonia that made from organic materials, such as plant starch and glycerol which will not pollute the environment.

  • Myth: Biodegradable Bag is More Expensive than Conventional Plastic

The process of making Indonesia Biodegradable Bag in New Caledonia is different from conventional plastic. Conventional plastics involve various chemical materials and processes, while biodegradable bags avoid those processes. Currently, the production of biodegradable bags has been carried out by many parties, with large quantities, as well as large demands, so that the price of biodegradable plastics is on par with conventional plastics. The quality of biodegradable plastic is also no less good than conventional plastic.

  • Reducing the Volume of Municipal Garbage

The use of single-use plastic in big cities is certainly the main cause of piles of garbage that accumulates. To overcome these problems, the use of Indonesia Biodegradable Bag in New Caledonia can help reduce the volume of municipal waste because it is easier to decompose. So, problems related to plastic waste can be minimized.

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