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Product Details :

Geomat Urban Plastic is an innovative solution for surface soil erosion problems caused by water and wind. This material is highly effective when used in combination with plants for erosion control. As a Non-Degradable material, Geomat does not decompose in the soil, making it a long-term solution. The outer layer is made from High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE), offering strength and resistance to environmental factors. The middle layer is composed of Polypropylene (PP), further enhancing its durability and structural stability. With dimensions of 2×30 meters and a total diameter of 60 cm, Geomat Urban Plastic is suitable for wide applications, ideal for environmental and infrastructure projects. This versatility makes it a versatile tool for various environments, such as agricultural lands and construction sites, providing reliable soil stability and effective environmental protection.


Uses, How to Use and Care for Geomat Urban Plastic

Geomat Urban Plastic emerges as a leading innovation in combating soil surface erosion, commonly occurring in contoured areas such as hill slopes and riverbanks. Made from Non-Degradable components, it offers an effective and sustainable solution to erosion caused by water and wind. Its non-degradable nature makes it an environmentally friendly choice, providing a long-term alternative to erosion issues without negatively impacting the soil.

The use of Geomat Urban Plastic requires meticulous land preparation. The first step is to clear the land of stones, roots, and other obstacles that might hinder the installation of Geomat. Once the area is cleaned, Geomat is rolled out and placed in the target area. It is crucial to ensure that the soil surface is even and compact before installation to maximize the effectiveness of Geomat. After positioning, Geomat should be secured to the ground using pegs or ties to prevent it from shifting or being uplifted by the wind.

One of the primary advantages of Geomat Urban Plastic is its ability to work synergistically with plants. The combination of Geomat and plant roots creates a robust system for stabilizing the soil and protecting its surface. Geomat acts as a shield for the soil surface, while plant roots add strength and stability to the soil structure.

Maintenance of Geomat Urban Plastic is also crucial for maintaining its long-term effectiveness. Regular inspections should be conducted to ensure that Geomat remains properly installed and undamaged. The area covered by Geomat should be regularly cleared of debris or residues that might impede its performance. If any damage is found, Geomat should be promptly replaced to ensure continuous protection.

With proper usage and maintenance, Geomat Urban Plastic not only addresses erosion problems but also supports sustainable environmental initiatives. It offers a reliable and efficient solution for maintaining soil stability, protecting ecosystems, and supporting plant life in erosion-prone areas. Thus, Geomat Urban Plastic is not just about controlling erosion but also about creating a balance between development and nature conservation.