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Garbage Bags

Product Details :

Urban Plastic is an Indonesian Plastic Manufacturer and Exporter that produces Garbage Bag products, which are also known as garbage bags, garbage bags, garbage bags, trash cans, garbage liners, and can linings, garbage bags, garbage disposal bags, plastic trash bags,

You can use this product for various purposes. You can use it in offices, kitchens, warehouses, as well as in industries such as hotels, or hospitals. The Garbage Bags that we produce use HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) material. As an Indonesian Plastic Manufacturer and Exporter, we produce garbage bags of various sizes that are tailored to customer needs.

These are our spesifications:

Trash Bag Dimension = from 60 cm to 120 cm in width
Thickness = from 20 micron to 60 micron.
Materials =Recycled HDPE and LLDPE
Use For = Industry, Hotels, Houses, Hospitals, Restaurants, etc

Modular Tank
Modular Tank
Modular Tank

4 Ways to End Plastic Pollution

The use of plastic bags is very common nowadays. It is undeniable that plastic bags can create new waste if they are not used properly. The product from Indonesia Garbage Bag Manufacturer and Exporter is only use plastic from recycled materials. Surveys prove that humans cannot be 100% plastic free. Instead of throwing away unused plastic, it’s better to reuse the plastic. Disposing of plastic is the last option, because plastic is a material that does not decompose easily in the soil. Make sure unused plastic goes to a plastic recycling plant. Here we will review 4 benefits of using plastic in everyday life and can be an idea for you instead of having to throw it away:

1. The Use of Plastic as Organic Fertilizer

The most important benefit of using plastic bags is to make the best organic fertilizers. You need to know, that plastic waste or unused plastic can be buried in the ground and turned into organic fertilizer. Of course organic fertilizer can fertilize plants. Considering that currently many plant lovers actually need this natural fertilizer. Crush the plastic into several pieces, then bury it in the ground. Plant some plants so that it will get the benefit from the fertilizer you make. Indonesia Garbage Bag Manufacturer and Exporter is made from easy recycled materials, so when the garbage bag has already unfit to use, you can recycled it as a fertilizer.

2. The Main Ingredient for Making Crafts

Plastic has been a craft material for a long time. In Indonesia, unused plastic is commonly used as a feather duster, recycled containers, flower-shaped handicrafts, lanterns, flower vases, and piggy banks. You can use the plastic directly, or buy it at a plastic recycling center. Currently, there are so many creative craftsmen who make their works sell well and are famous overseas, all with only plastic waste. Of course, after recycling the waste, only then can it become the main ingredient in making the best masterpieces. Indonesia Garbage Bag Manufacturer and Exporter can be recycled as a crafts material, but before you recycle it, the garbage bag can be used several times.

3. The Use of Plastic as a Plant Container

Unused plastic bags can be used as plant containers. When we grow plants from seeds, plastic can be used as a temporary container for plants to grow. When the plant has had dense shoots and weeds, we can move it into different pots. Using plastic as a plant container can make it easier for plants to breathe and absorb water. Plastic plant containers will certainly not last long. After the plant grows and moved to a pot, you can turn it into a compost or fertilizer. Indonesia Garbage Bag Manufacturer and Exporter providing the highest quality plastics that you can use for any possible function.

4. The Main Material for Making Bricks

Plastic bags have a high use value if they are recycled. One of the uses of used plastic is as a raw material for making bricks. Brick as the basic material for the foundation of the house using plastic as a mixture of making raw materials. Instead of making your own, of course, you can take your unused plastic to a plastic recycling center in your area. Indonesia Garbage Bag Manufacturer and Exporter provides plastic that can be used many times and then you can recycle them into bricks.

Those are some forms of using plastic bags. As plastic users, we must be wise in using it and recycling it if the plastic is no longer usable.