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Bag on Roll

bag on roll

Product Details :

Our factory, Urban Plastic, a prominent Indonesian Plastic Manufacturer and Exporter, specializes in producing Bags on Roll, also known as Roll Bags or Roll Plastic Bags. These bags are essential for packaging various food items including meat, fruits, vegetables, and nuts. Recognized for their practicality, our flat plastic bags on rolls are particularly popular for food storage. As an international brand, Urban Plastic is committed to maintaining high standards in the quality of our plastic bags. We offer a range of materials to produce these bags, ensuring they meet diverse needs. Our roll top bags are crafted from virgin HDPE and LLDPE, materials known for being safe for contact with food.

These bags are available in dimensions ranging from a minimum width of 15 cm to a maximum of 100 cm, with a thickness varying from 8 microns to 45 microns. This variety in size and thickness allows for versatile use in packaging different types of food products. Our focus at Urban Plastic is not just on producing quality bags, but also on ensuring they are safe and suitable for various food packaging needs. Whether for fruits, meat, vegetables, or other items, our Bags on Roll offer a reliable and hygienic solution for preserving and transporting food products.

bag on roll
bag on roll
bag on roll

5 Reasons Why You Should Use Reusable Shopping Plastic Bag

As an Indonesia Bag on Roll Manufacturer and Exporter, we are at the forefront of producing reusable shopping plastic bags that are both practical and environmentally friendly. These bags can be rolled up for compact storage, making them a convenient option for repeated use. Here are five compelling reasons why you should consider using our reusable shopping bags:

  • Cost Efficiency: Many retail companies now charge extra for plastic bags or have ceased providing them altogether. By bringing your own shopping bag, like our high-quality roll-on shopping bag, you not only save money but also contribute to reducing plastic waste.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Our bags are made from high-quality recycled materials. By reusing these bags, you significantly reduce the environmental impact of plastic waste. We encourage eco-friendly practices and are committed to producing only recycled plastic bags.
  • Hygiene: In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, personal hygiene has become paramount. Bringing your own shopping bag minimizes contact with publicly used items, reducing the risk of virus transmission. Our bags offer a safer, more hygienic alternative to using bags provided by retail stores.
  • Promoting Good Habits: Using a reusable bag is a positive habit that sets a good example for others. By choosing not to use single-use plastic bags, you inspire those around you to adopt more sustainable practices. Our roll-on shopping bags are designed for longevity, encouraging this good habit.
  • Convenience: Without a personal grocery bag, sellers often pack items in multiple small packages, which can be cumbersome. Our larger, durable shopping bags allow for all items to be conveniently placed in one place, offering greater flexibility and ease in carrying groceries.

Those are five reasons why you need to use shopping bags in your daily life. The sooner you start this habit, the better it will be for you and the environment. If you need further information regarding the products of Indonesian Bag on Roll Manufacturers and Exporters, please contact our team.