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T-Shirt Bag

t-shirt bag

Product Details :

Our Custom T-Shirt Bags, produced by Urban Plastic, an Indonesian Plastic Manufacturer and Exporter, are an ideal choice for brand promotion. Capable of printing up to 6 colors, these bags serve not only as attractive packaging but also as an effective promotional tool. Made from HDPE and LDPE, they are durable and reusable, supporting sustainability efforts.

Popular across various industries, especially for brand promotion, these T-Shirt Bags ensure high visibility for your brand in the retail environment. Their trendy design and superior print quality make them a perfect choice for conveying your brand message. Available in dimensions starting from a minimum width of 12 cm, and a thickness range of 8 to 100 microns, they offer flexibility in size selection to meet packaging needs. These bags not only effectively promote your brand but also provide a practical and environmentally friendly packaging solution.

t-shirt bag
t-shirt bag
t-shirt bag

Indonesia T-shirt Bag Manufacturer and Exporter. This is How We Recycle the Plastic Waste and Change it into Useful T-shirt Bags

Every year, the average person spends 700 plastic bags. In total, the entire population of the earth uses hundreds of millions of tons of plastic every year, and it is a fantastic amount. The increasingly massive use of plastic, of course, causes plastic waste to pollute the earth. Therefore, Indonesia T-shirt Bag Manufacturer and Exporter as a plastic producer, only uses recycled plastic as its raw material. Our products use the best quality recycled plastic. We also provide various types and sizes of t-shirt bags.

A good quality t-shirt bag will not tear easily and has a sturdy texture. We highly recommend that the t-shirt bag be used many times or you can switch its function to encourage your everyday life hack. Before you throw it away, make sure that the t-shirt bag you are wearing is not worth using. When you dispose it, make sure you throw it away in a special plastic bin or recycling bin. Indonesia T-shirt Bag Manufacturer and Exporter support the minimal waste movement and plastic recycling as a form of our concern for the earth. If you want to know how we process the recycling plastic waste into a new commodity, just read every stage below:

Plastic Recycling Process

  • Collect and Sort

The first step is to collect plastic waste to be recycled. At this stage, the remaining plastic consumption from households and industries is collected. Supply of plastic waste is obtained from waste banks and collectors. Then after the collection stage, officers will sort in more detail based on several criteria. It is include the type and color of the plastic, the resin content, and even the method of manufacture. Different types of plastic require different processing. At Indonesia T-shirt Bag Manufacturer and Exporter, we make sure to use the best quality plastic materials so this process should be done strictly.

  • Washing

Plastic waste washing aims to remove residual dirt and everything that is not made of plastic. Most plastic packaging has labels, adhesives, or even food scraps that cannot be recycled.

  • Resizing

The washed plastic waste is then cut into plastic pellets. The purpose of resizing is as an early stage of plastic waste to be renewed. In addition, the resizing process becomes a re-sorting process where non-plastic objects attached to plastic waste are indirectly cleaned so that they are not mixed with non-plastic materials. Indonesia T-shirt Bag Manufacturer and Exporter only use advanced machines in processing plastic waste.

  • Second stage sorting

After the resizing process, the plastic pellets are re-sorted. It will be tested to determine the quality. The first criterion to be tested is the density of plastic pellets. The next test is air classification. This process measures how big or small a particle is by introducing the material into an air-filled chamber for sorting.

  • Merger And Molding

In this stage, the plastic pellets are crushed and melted. Then, the plastic pellets are put in a hot injection machine which will melt the plastic. The melted plastic is ready to be molded into a new product.

This is a series of plastic recycling processes in our factory. If you are looking for various types of t-shirt bag products, please contact us.