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Drain Warden

drain warden

Product Details :

The Drain Warden Urban Plastic, produced by Urban Plastics, is a cutting-edge sediment trap crafted from polypropylene nonwoven geotextile fabric, a creation of Indonesian Plastic Manufacturers and Exporters. Designed to capture particles over 90 microns, it’s placed in rainwater drains beneath grates. With dimensions of 1300mm x 1300mm x 600mm, it effectively traps significant sediment, aiding compliance with environmental regulations, a feature particularly beneficial in countries like Australia and New Zealand where it is extensively used.

Not only is the Drain Warden Urban Plastic constructed from durable materials, but it also boasts easy installation and removal, simplifying maintenance. Its adaptable design allows trimming to fit smaller drains, enhancing its utility across various settings. This combination of efficiency, ease of use, and flexibility makes it an essential component in urban water management and environmental protection efforts.

Drain Warden
Drain Warden
Drain Warden

How the Drain Warden works

The Drain Warden Urban Plastic is an advanced and environmentally savvy product designed to effectively manage pollutants in urban water systems, particularly within drainage networks. Its primary role is to trap and isolate various hydrocarbons, oils, and fuels, which are common contaminants in stormwater, thereby playing a crucial role in maintaining the purity of urban waterways and adhering to environmental standards.

Central to the design of the Drain Warden Urban Plastic is an absorbent polypropylene mini boom located in the basin of the device. This element is specifically engineered to absorb hydrocarbons, oils, and fuels – typical pollutants found in urban runoff. Polypropylene, known for its absorbent properties, is particularly adept at capturing hydrophobic substances such as oils and fuels while allowing water to filter through.

Following the trapping of these pollutants, the remaining water proceeds to the stormwater drain. This process effectively ensures that the water entering the stormwater system is substantially cleaner, having been rid of harmful hydrocarbon contaminants. This filtration mechanism is not only pivotal for environmental protection but also enhances the management of urban water systems, particularly in areas prone to pollution from vehicles and industrial activities.

The Drain Warden Urban Plastic is also equipped with overflow pockets, an essential feature during times of heavy rainfall. These pockets are designed to manage large volume flows, ensuring the device’s continued effectiveness even under conditions of high water flow. This is especially significant in preventing street flooding and efficiently managing sudden surges of water during storms or intense rainfall.

The design of the Drain Warden Urban Plastic represents a thoughtful convergence of pollutant filtration and water flow management. By integrating the absorbent mini boom and overflow pockets, it adeptly addresses the challenge of water pollution while ensuring that drainage systems effectively handle heavy rain.

In essence, the Drain Warden Urban Plastic is a key innovation for cities and towns, addressing critical aspects of urban water management: pollution control and the management of water flow during heavy rain. Its utilization of polypropylene and strategic design features make it an essential tool for urban areas striving to enhance their stormwater management and reduce their environmental impact. As cities continue to grow and confront environmental challenges, solutions like the Drain Warden Urban Plastic become increasingly vital for sustainable and responsible water management.