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Product Info

Shipping and Delivery

Urban Plastic boasts a proficient transportation and shipping team dedicated to timely deliveries. Our team consistently prioritizes adherence to delivery schedules to guarantee customer satisfaction.

Port of Loading


How We Ship the Product

1. By FCL (Full Container Loaded) using 20 feet, 40 feet, 40 feet HC, dry container.

This involves purchasing enough products to fill an entire shipping container. It’s cost-effective for large quantities, as you pay a flat rate for the entire container. FCL is more secure since the container is sealed and opened only at the destination. You can choose between 20 feet, 40 feet, or 40 feet high cube (HC) dry containers based on your volume requirements. 

The picture beside shows Non Wovens Geotextile loaded inside a 40 feet container.

20ft Container

40ft HC Container

40ft Container

2. By LCL (Less than Container Loaded)

This option is used when you don’t have enough goods to fill an entire container. Here, you share container space with other shippers. It’s more flexible for smaller quantities and offers a cost-effective solution when you don’t need a full container. However, LCL may involve higher handling costs and a longer transit time due to the consolidation and deconsolidation process of different shipments. 

LCL shipment is arranged by freight forwarder who will combine our stuff with others people stuff in one container.
Please see illustration on the picture. On LCL shipment Mr. Clark’ stuff would be together with Mr. Mitchell, Mr. Thomas and Ms. Lopez stuff in same container.
LCL shipment is used for order under the minimum quantity from the 20 feet or 40 feet order. For example: 10 boxes order. Your order will still deliver using the 20 feet container but it will be combined with other people’s stuff from another exporter such as furniture, food, clothes, etc. This LCL shipment makes the transport cost still cheap compare to air freight.

Our cost on LCL shipment is different from our cost using the full container (FCL) because our FOB cost on LCL is higher than using FCL so that our price is also different. Why this happens, let me explain on simple example:
On FCL we carry approximately 500 boxes of Garbage Bags, with cost $45,000 so that our cost for FOB per box is = $45,000/500 = $90/box.
Meanwhile if you only order 10 boxes shipped by LCL with our FOB cost $1,200 then our FOB cost = $1,200/10 = $120/box.
The smaller the order, the higher the cost is.