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Product Details :

Geocell is an effective three-dimensional cellular structure for soil reinforcement, made from geosynthetic materials such as polyethylene or polypropylene polymers. With a honeycomb-like shape, Geocell is highly efficient in maintaining aggregates in their place. Urban Plastic offers Geocell made of black HDPE Virgin material with a thickness of 1.5 mm, providing superior strength and durability. Each Urban Plastic Geocell panel measures 4m x 6m, with height variants of 7.5 cm, 10 cm, 15 cm, and 20 cm, offering flexibility for various applications.

Urban Plastic’s Geocell is specifically designed for applications such as erosion control and slope stabilization, constructing retaining walls for water channels, and rainwater management. With its quality and reliability, Urban Plastic Geocell is an ideal solution for various construction and environmental needs, providing an economical and effective solution to maintain stability and structural safety.


Geocell Application

Geocell applications encompass various critical uses in construction and environmental fields. A primary application is soil reinforcement in industrial areas. Geocell is effective in strengthening land for residential areas, especially to stabilize paving block roads, thus preventing significant soil settlement. This is particularly beneficial in ensuring road surfaces remain even and strong.

Moreover, Geocell is used for slope reinforcement. Thanks to its unique honeycomb-like design and the presence of holes in the structure, Geocell allows plants to grow through these openings, strengthening plant roots. This makes Geocell an extremely effective barrier on very steep slopes, providing stability and reducing erosion risk.

In the plantation sector, particularly for oil palm plantation roads in Kalimantan and Sumatra, which consist mostly of peat soil, Geocell presents an ideal solution. Its use here helps provide stable pathways for transportation and logistics while preserving the environment. Geocell also plays a crucial role in railway reinforcement. Its use beneath railway tracks helps distribute the load more evenly and reduces the risk of soil subsidence that can disrupt the safety and comfort of railway travel.

Finally, Geocell is used for reinforcing sloping drainage channel slopes. Its application in these areas enhances the stability of drainage structures, reduces erosion, and aids in more effective rainwater management. With all these applications, Urban Plastic Geocell offers a comprehensive and efficient solution to various challenges in infrastructure development and environmental protection.