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Mulch Plastic

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As an Indonesian Plastic Manufacturer and Exporter, Urban Plastik produces Plastic Mulch made of 100% Virgin Polyethylene Plastic Material, which is flexible, strong, durable and tear resistant.

Plastic Mulch comes in two basic types: Black Polyethylene and Silver Polyethylene Film. This type of black film is used to retain moisture, inhibit weed growth and heat the soil, while silver film does not suppress weed growth, but is also used to increase soil temperature. Thus the Silver part is usually placed above the ground, while the Black part is placed below.

Indonesian Plastic Manufacturers and Exporters produce Plastic Mulch equipped with Anti UV, so this product can last for two years from excessive sun exposure. Plastic Mulch is an effective way to isolate and protect a plant’s delicate root system against harsh weather conditions. It serves as a barrier that improves the nutrient profile of the soil. Mulch helps reduce erosion while increasing the soil’s ability to hold more moisture.

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mulch film

6 Advantages You Can Get in Applying Mulch Plastic for Your Plantation

Mulch plastic is a plastic sheet covering cultivated land which aims to protect the soil surface from erosion, maintain moisture and soil structure, and inhibit weed growth. The installation of mulch plastic in agriculture is already familiar, especially for the cultivation of horticultural crops, such as tomatoes, mustard chilies, cabbage and other vegetables. Many farmers believe that the use of mulch has a positive impact on plants and their growing media. Indonesia Mulch Plastic Manufacturer and Exporter provide mulch plastic with various types to suit your agricultural needs. In addition the used of mulch in tropical countries, it can also be used in subtropical countries when summer comes.

Based on the material, mulch plastic is divided into organic mulch and inorganic mulch. Organic mulch can be in the form of straw, reeds, banana midrib, leaf litter or sawdust. Meanwhile, inorganic mulch is made of plastic with various color such as red, blue, white, black, silver, and black-silver. The color of the mulch will affect the size of the penetration of solar radiation received. The radiation is transmitted to the surface of the soil layer, and the light reflected by the mulch will also affect the conditions around the plants. Indonesia Mulch Plastic Manufacturer and Exporter will help you determine the best plastic mulch for your plant care. Do not hesitate to consult for further information with our team.

In the following, we will describe the advantages of using Indonesia Mulch Plastic Manufacturer and Exporter plastic mulch product for your plantation:

1. Prevent Weed Growth Weeds

Wild plants that grow around the main plant can interfere with the growth of cultivated plants. This is because cultivated plants and weeds can compete for the same nutrients. Mulch application on the soil surface can prevent weed growth.

2. Reducing Soil Surface Erosion

Erosion can occur because the soil surface is eroded by rain, wind, or watering plants. Mulch can prevent bed erosion, especially during the rainy season.

3. Maintain Soil Moisture

Mulch can prevent large temperature changes that are harmful to cultivated plants. It prevents evaporation of water during the dry season, maintains humidity and prevents puddles during the rainy season. Indonesia Mulch Plastic Manufacturer and Exporter will provide you with the best mulch plastic solution that can be used for your garden. We are an experienced company in the field of mulch plastic production.

4. Increase Water Absorption

Mulch can increase water absorption by plants and prevent excessive evaporation of water during the dry season.

5. Reduce Fertilizer Loss

Mulch can prevent fertilizer loss due to washing or being carried away by rainwater. In addition, it can also protect against loss of fertilizer due to evaporation.

6.Provides Additional Nutrients and Nutrients

Plastic mulch can be inserted organic mulch in it. Organic mulch made from straw, reeds, leaf litter, or sawdust can provide additional nutrients for plants. Mulch that is rich in organic matter can be decomposed by the soil, so it can improve the structure of the soil surface.

Those are the advantages in using mulch plastic for your plantation. Don’t hesitate to contact Indonesia Mulch Plastic Manufacturer and Exporter if you want to know more about our mulch product by number linked below.