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Dead Body Bag

Product Details :

Urban Plastic produces quality Body Bags that meet the standards to become an Indonesian Body Bag Manufacturer and Exporter. Our corpse bag or corpse bag is a disposable bag made of LLDPE material. This Body Bag is made of large white plastic which is strong, durable, not easy to tear and waterproof. These body bags are usually used to wrap infectious bodies such as the bodies of victims of COVID-19.

We can also manufacture customized body bags according to your specific requirements.


• Width x Height: 100 cm x 205 cm.

• Thickness: 180-200 microns.

• Colour: White.

Modular Tank
Modular Tank
Modular Tank

The Benefits and Characteristics of A Quality Body Bag

Disaster, health and even police institutions must have sufficient stock of body bag. The goal is to be able to act quickly in an emergency. In those condition, body bag not only to prevent corpses from premature decomposition. It also prevent foul odors and body fluids from leaking. More than that, body bag has several other functions that are no less important. Indonesia Dead Body Bag Manufacturer and Exporter provide high quality non woven body bag for emergency and medical need. We have various types of body bags to suit your needs. Here we will describe the various functions of the body bag:

  1. Serves to cover the corpse to the fullest so that blood and odor do not seep. Generally done to cover the bodies of accident victims whose body condition is no longer complete. In addition, the benefits of body bags will be felt even more when officers take care of rotting corpses.
  2. Body bag has a function to facilitate the performance of the authorities when carrying or evacuating victims of natural disasters or accidents.
  3. Body bag serves to lift or move the body safely according to the rules. Indonesia Dead Body Bag Manufacturer and Exporter has produce the body bag in accordance with medical standards and disaster and risk management institutions.
  4. As a corpse storage for research purposes for health or medical institutions. Because the analysis can be used to identify victims forensically.
  5. Through the use of body bags, the risk of further damage to the corpse can be minimized. This will be very useful for dealing with corpses whose body conditions are no longer intact.
  6. Body bag is the most effective solution to prevent the spread of bacteria into the air and the surrounding environment. Indonesia Dead Body Bag Manufacturer and Exporter is using PE plastic type A5 and above as the materials of the body bag.

Those are some of the benefits of using a body bag for medical and emergency purposes. In the next review, we will help you find out the characteristics of a quality body bag, namely:

  • A body bag product is considered quality if it is produced using polyester yarn.
  • The material used for making body bags is tarpaulin or polyester.
  • Having a strong zipper with double ‘U’ system. Thus, this zipper is not easily damaged even though it is opened and closed repeatedly. Indonesia Dead Body Bag Manufacturer and Exporter manufacture body bag that is safe to use and comply with international standards for evacuation and medical purposes.
  • There are six ropes attached to the body bag. This condition will make it easier for officer to evacuate the dead. So, body bags are not easily broken even when used to lift heavy loads.
  • The standard size of body bag products that support the evacuation process is 200×80 cm.
  • The material has been adapted to the needs of transporting corpses so that unpleasant odors do not seep out.
  • Then, also make sure that the body wrapping bag has been certified by both respective country and international institution.

If you need a quality and standard-compliant dead body bag, you can contact Indonesia Dead Body Bag Manufacturer and Exporter via the contact below.