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Ratna-Urban Plastic

Ratna Amir, the Managing Director at PT. Urban Plastik Indonesia since its inception in 2020, plays a pivotal role in the company’s ascent. This enterprise is a strategic extension of PT. Kapuk Mas Agung Abadi, a renowned and established name in Indonesia’s business arena since 1977. Amir’s leadership is marked by innovative strategies and a commitment to sustainable growth, reflecting the legacy and business ethos of its parent company. Her approach blends traditional business wisdom with modern management practices, steering PT. Urban Plastik Indonesia towards new heights in the competitive Indonesian market. Her vision is not just to maintain the company’s relevance but to propel it as a leader in the industry, emphasizing innovation, customer satisfaction, and responsible business practices.

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Ais-Urban Plastic

At PT. Urban Plastik Indonesia, the sales and marketing department boasts a formidable trio: Ms. Panni, Ms. Anna, and Ms. Ais. Each of these accomplished professionals brings a unique blend of expertise, experience, and innovation to the table. Ms. Panni, known for her strategic thinking and analytical skills, excels in market research and data-driven decision making. Her insights are crucial in shaping the company’s marketing strategies to align with evolving market trends and consumer preferences.

Ms. Ais, on the other hand, is a maestro in relationship management and communication. Her ability to connect with clients, understand their needs, and foster long-lasting relationships is a cornerstone of the department’s success. Her approach not only attracts new clients but also ensures a high level of satisfaction and loyalty among existing ones.

Ms. Anna brings a creative flair to the team. Her expertise in digital marketing and branding has been instrumental in enhancing PT. Urban Plastik Indonesia online presence and brand image. Her innovative campaigns and skillful use of social media and digital tools have significantly increased the company’s visibility and appeal, especially among younger demographics.

Together, this trio forms a synergistic team. Under their guidance, the sales and marketing department has seen remarkable achievements in expanding the company’s market share, increasing revenue, and solidifying PT. Urban Plastik Indonesia position in the competitive industry. Their combined efforts complement the visionary leadership of Managing Director Ratna Amir, propelling the company towards new milestones of success and innovation in the plastic industry.

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Anna-Urban Plastic
Ais-Urban Plastic

Urban Plastic is a company engaged in digital marketing, with a team consisting of three talented individuals: Mr. Yahezkiel, Ms. Umi, and Mr. Lutfi. Each team member plays a key role in supporting the company’s success.

Mr. Yahezkiel holds a very important role in the team, focusing primarily on video editing for marketing purposes. In today’s digital era, video content has become an extremely effective marketing tool. Mr. Yahezkiel uses his creativity and editing skills to create engaging videos that capture consumer attention. Additionally, he is responsible for developing and maintaining the website. This task is crucial as the website is one of the company’s representations in the digital world. Mr. Yahezkiel ensures the website is always up-to-date, accessible, and presents relevant information to visitors.

Ms. Umi and Mr. Lutfi, on the other hand, have roles that support each other. They collaborate in developing and maintaining the website. This role involves various aspects, such as ensuring responsive design, engaging content, and a good user experience. A well-maintained website will increase the company’s trust and credibility in the eyes of customers.

Furthermore, Ms. Umi and Mr. Lutfi are also responsible for managing the marketplace. The marketplace is a very important sales channel for many companies, including Urban Plastic. They ensure that all products are well presented, product information is always up-to-date, and all transactions run smoothly. This includes managing promotions, updating stock, and answering customer inquiries. This task requires meticulousness and good communication skills, as it directly involves customer interaction.

With the combined expertise and dedication of Mr. Yahezkiel, Ms. Umi, and Mr. Lutfi, Urban Plastic is able to execute an effective and efficient digital marketing strategy. They contribute not only in technical aspects but also in building good relationships with customers through high-quality digital content and responsive service.

Agnes Lidia, in her role as Logistic Officer at PT. Urban Plastik Indonesia, is a key figure in streamlining the company’s supply chain operations. Her expertise in logistics management ensures efficient transportation, warehousing, and distribution of products. Agnes is known for her meticulous planning, problem-solving skills, and ability to adapt to logistical challenges. She plays a crucial role in coordinating with various departments, suppliers, and transporters, ensuring timely delivery and optimal inventory levels. Her contributions significantly enhance operational efficiency, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction. Agnes’ dedication and strategic approach are vital in supporting the company’s growth and maintaining its competitive edge in the market.

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