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Product Details :

The Urban Plastic Geogrid is a high-quality biaxial material made from black polypropylene. Designed to effectively reinforce soil, this geogrid has a width of 3.95 meters and a length of 50 meters, ensuring extensive coverage for various construction projects. Its high durability makes it an ideal choice for applications requiring additional structural support.

The use of Urban Plastic Geogrid is widespread, especially in projects that require soil reinforcement. This material aids in load distribution and enhances the stability of slopes, retaining walls, and foundations. Its quality and reliability make this geogrid an economical and efficient solution for various civil engineering challenges. With easy installation, it offers a practical solution for soil reinforcement and increased structural safety.


Geogrids are classified into three types and each has a specific function.

  • Biaxial Geogrids

This biaxial geogrid is used for strengthening very soft soil types such as peatlands, swamps, and muddy areas. This Biaxial Geogrid functions to lock the aggregate so that the top soil pile becomes stiffer and the load distribution becomes more even.

In this way differential settlement (local decline) can be prevented and can also reduce the thickness of the base or sub base by up to 60% so as to save project implementation costs.

  • Uniaxial Geogrids

Uniaxial type geogrids are also used for soil reinforcement but especially in retaining walls, slope stabilization, etc. This Uniaxial Geogrid provides reinforcement to the slope reinforcement system so that it can build taller and more upright in confined areas.

  • Polyester Geogrids

This material is made from polyester raw material (PET) coated with Polymer black PVC which is used in soil reinforcement applications (Soil Reinforcement) retaining walls, steep slopes, slope repairs and fill soil on soft soil. Polyester Geogrid is shaped like a net which can provide reinforcement to the slope reinforcement system so that it can build taller and more upright in a limited area.