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Drain cell for artificial grass exporter in Indonesia have been viral recently. However, do you know for sure what the reason is? Using drain cells in big cities also supports the growth of green open spaces and helps you enjoy the fresh air.

Busyness that is very high in urban areas still requires green places. It is used as a chain area for a while and can enjoy fresh air. The attractiveness of this rooftop garden makes many people look for ways to make plants grow optimally.

And to build the garden area, a tool called a Drain Cell is needed. The goal is that there is no standing water, which can absorb well on the plants. Drain cells are blocks of polypropylene plastic that are installed in an interlocking manner.

This is combined with a geotextile that acts as a protective layer. The results that can be obtained later are a sound drainage system for underground water storage. However, to understand it better, there is a guide that we would be happy to share.

Drainage Cell
Drainage Cell

The Best Guide to Choose Drain Cell for Artificial Grass Exporter in Indonesia

The advantage of the drain cell is that it can withstand the load on the track from the vehicle and has a high water flow rate. Its sound quality will make it last for a long time. But to get those benefits, first, know the guidelines when choosing it:

1.     Can You Use the Drain Cell for a DIY Project?

For a DIY project, this works. But drain cell for artificial grass exporter in Indonesia need professional advice first. The goal is that the installation and performance of the drain cell system are correct and harmless for your project.

2.     Know the Suppliers First

When choosing and using a drain cell, what you have to do is find out the supplier first. The supplier of the drain cell must be able to provide maximum use. Choose those whose production quality is equivalent to export standards.

3.     Know How to Apply Drain Cell Properly

Also, find out how to garden applications that use drainage cells. Roof gardens are trendy and suitable for passive irrigation. But to make the maximum vegetation system and ensure the plants grow fertile, the way of application must be consulted first.

4.     Know Hot to Maintain the System Too

Drain cell for artificial grass exporter in Indonesia still need routine maintenance. What needs to be maintained is whether there is a blockage. These projects must also pass a performance check to determine whether there is a decrease.

5.     How much does it cost?

For the price, this is a question that is asked a lot when talking about drain cells. Many are still deciding about buying it directly from suppliers for fear of high prices even though the price is relatively low, only around IDR 40,000 per meter.

But to get a better price and maximum quality, choose products from BaliGEOTEX directly. This is a well-known company that can provide export-quality drain cells. There is no need to doubt the quality of BaliGEOTEX production; buy it now!

Drain cells are viral and not without reason. Effectiveness and easy installation are the main reasons for this, making it suitable for water infiltration or storage systems. Drain cell for artificial grass exporter in Indonesia must have good production standards.

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