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For those of you who are still confused about looking for information regarding drainage cell retaining wall installation so that the walls of your house are protected from damage. So in this discussion we will explain in full how to do it.

Decorating the house with various plants that are beautiful to look at is one of the things that many people do. They are willing to spend more money to build a home garden that is aesthetic, and also beautiful when we look at it.

However, there are other challenges if you build a garden that is too close to the wall of the house. The walls of the house can be damaged because they are exposed to seepage too often and this can weaken the construction of the walls of your house.

Drainage Cell
Drainage Cell

Drainage Cell Retaining Wall Installation

Almost everyone wants to have a beautiful dream home decorated with various ornaments such as plants and flowers. Therefore, most of them build gardens to plant various beautiful flowers.

But it turns out that this can lead to the construction of your walls or walls. This can happen because the walls of your house are exposed to too much soil infiltration water coming from the garden you built close to the house.

However, you no longer need to worry because there is a drainage cell retaining wall which will also be the main topic of discussion regarding drainage cell retaining wall installation. This product is an innovation made from draining cells and functions to prevent garden water seepage from directly hitting the walls of the house.

Drainage cells are hollow layers that function to regulate water circulation smoothly. This product has a fairly cheap price, especially if you look at the various benefits you will get after installing it on a retaining wall.

There will be many benefits from installing a drainage cell to protect the walls of the house from water seepage. Surely you are curious about the discussion about drainage cell retaining wall installation, aren’t you? Therefore, you can read the complete discussion below.

1.     Land preparation and cell draining

The first thing you need to do is prepare the land and the various tools you need to install the drainage cell. Also make sure the soil is clean from various dirt that can interfere with water circulation.

2.     Geotextile installation

Then you have to dig enough soil to create space to install the drainage cell. However, before drainage cell retaining wall installation, you must first install geotextile which functions to prevent small soil particles from entering the drainage cell cavity.

3.     Installation of drainage cells correctly

The next step is to install the drainage cell that you have prepared previously. Make sure all the locks on the drainage cell are installed properly so that the drainage cell can work optimally in protecting your walls from water seepage.

4.     Connection to the drainage system

After the installation of the drainage cell is complete, you can start filling the drainage cell cavity with various pebbles or coral as drainage material. Don’t forget to connect the drainage cell with other drainage systems in the ground such as water channels or drain pipes.

Walls that have been installed with drainage cells can provide a sense of security because they will definitely last for decades to come. So are you interested in installing a drainage cell after knowing the discussion about drainage cell retaining wall installation?

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