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Geomembrane hs code – Construction projects are constantly undergoing changes that require project managers to be able to overcome everything that could be a barrier. Nowadays, project manager can solve problems one by one properly without worrying about having a bad impact on the project. One of the inventions that really helped the construction world was the geomembrane. At first glance, geomembrane looks like plastic that is commonly used for food wrapping. However, if we look closely, we can see that geomembrane is not an ordinary plastic. Geomembrane is indeed made of polypropylene which is the molecule that forms into plastic, but this product has a better thickness level due to the polymerization process.

In the world of construction, geomembrane plays a very important role because it can affect the work timeline. In some projects that are carried out on waterlogged soil or on the edge of a slope, the geomembrane will ensure that the soil contour remains stable so as to prevent soil movement that can destroy the foundation in construction. Geomembrane works by preventing water and soil from mixing, as well as acting as a separator so that the soil does not lose its natural grip. This is very important because if it is not covered with a geomembrane, the soil texture can change due to the mixing of water and soil. Project managers usually use the geomembrane hs code, which refers to the HDPE geomembrane.

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Type of Geomembrane HS Code

Basically, there are only 2 types of geomembranes that are often used in construction projects. These two types are circulating in the domestic and international markets. Even some construction projects in developed countries such as South Africa, Australia, and Canada also use this product. Project managers usually use LDPE Geomembrane or HDPE Geomembrane, depending on the needs of the project. Meanwhile, geomembrane hs code refers to HDPE, which is considered to have a higher strength level than LDPE geomembrane. Project managers need to be familiar with the characteristics of these two types of geomembranes so that they can decide which product to use. Knowing the right type of product will speed up the project process and minimize future problems.

LDPE geomembrane is a type of plastic made from ethylene monomer which is processed at high pressure and through free radical polymerization. This technique will produce LDPE geomembrane with a more flexible texture so that it is easy to apply in the field. One of the advantages of LDPE geomembrane is the ability to withstand temperatures above 194 Fahrenheit. In construction projects, LDPE geomembrane is often used to protect construction materials in storage warehouses. Meanwhile, geomembrane hs code which refers to HDPE geomembrane is produced from a different process so that its characteristics are different from LDPE geomembrane.

HDPE Geomembrane hs code has a very high-density level and has very complex intermolecular bonds. These characteristics make HDPE geomembrane heat resistant and can be applied to areas exposed to sunlight. The hot temperature from the sun will not damage the surface and the HDPE geomembrane is able to retain heat so that it remains durable.

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