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A modular rainwater tank factory in Indonesia is an essential part of any home. A good home certainly needs many things that support each other in order for the whole family to live comfortably and peacefully.

Of course, owning a home and having your own living space is a lot of fun because you can furnish and equip your home according to your wishes and budget. Not only can you choose, but you should adjust the type of water tower according to your daily needs.

Reservoirs, often called towers or tanks, are water storage facilities with multiple uses. This includes supplying and stockpiling residential water, especially during lights out. Here are some types of the rainwater tower.

Modular tank
Modular tank

MisFiberglass Modular Rainwater Tank Factory in Indonesia

The fiberglass water reservoir is made of FRP material, which makes it more durable than other brands. The advantage of this first tower is very high, due to its low weight. It is also attractive that you can purchase it at a lower price than the other two. Unfortunately, this tower is not very durable.

They are also very difficult to maintain and expensive to repair if damaged. Not to mention, the problem is that the material is not UV resistant and can oxidize when exposed to the sun.

This type of modular rainwater tank factory in Indonesia also makes many people more likely to question the problem of porous walls. Porous fibrous materials can also collapse. It is affecting the quality of the water they contain. It can also cause mild mold growth problems.

Tanks of this type are sold very cheaply and are light in weight. However, this type of tank has a number of drawbacks, including not very durable. Treatment is expensive and difficult and dietary fiber dissolves in water and can cause cancer.

It is vulnerable to impact and the wall of the tank is easily torn. Moreover, it is resistant to oxidation when exposed to UV light or sunlight. It easily promotes mold growth and affects water quality.

Polyethylene Modular Rainwater Tank Factory in Indonesia

The following types of water reservoirs are made of polyethylene. It is the most commonly used by Indonesian people. It has the advantages of being leakproof and impact resistant. The inside is also covered with mold and fungi.

This type of modular rainwater tank factory in Indonesia has received SNI standardization and is also recognized by the US FDA. Poly tanks are made of plastic, so they are light. The only downside is that it does not look very classy or premium.

Since it is made of plastic, it is light and easy to move. However, it is less luxurious and luxurious than stainless steel. Moss can also occur in this type of reservoir, as it is usually translucent. In addition, the inside of the reservoir is treated with an anti-mildew and anti-mildew coating.

You can find these types of containers at BaliGEOTEX. Either fiberglass or polyethylene have the best quality. Moreover, it also offers various container related for clean water source.

Stainless steel may be better for those who value appearance. Additionally, this plastic tank is totally transparent, allowing for moss growth. This PE plastic tank is shock and pressure-resistant and leak resistant. So, you can choose the modular rainwater tank factory in Indonesia as you needed.

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