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Are non-woven bags good or bad? This is a question that is always asked by those who want to use this bag as soon as possible. That is why; we will talk more about it here.

Non-woven bags are made from fibers and other materials. As it is named, those materials are not woven together. A manufacturer will use certain procedures such as mechanically, chemically, or even thermally.

So many claims about this bag that you may see in various sources. One of them is an opinion which says that this item is environmentally friendly.

Non Woven Bag
Non Woven Bag

The Advantages of Non-Woven Bags

Before knowing whether this product is good or bad, it is better to know the advantages first. Due to the process of production and materials used, this item has some pros and advantages as follows: 

1.     More Versatility

The non-woven bags give you more versatility and you can use this item in many ranges of applications. Besides that, this product provides more options for customization printing techniques.

It can be an essential consideration for you who think that a complex and aesthetic design is everything. This non-woven thing must be on your top list.

2.     More Affordable

Are non-woven bags good or bad? If it is based on the economic side, the answer is yes. The explanation above describes that there is more than one way to make this bag.

That is why; they are more affordable to make in bulk. The prices are based on certain factors too such as the size, colors, quality, and many more again.

3.     Can be designed with Various Options

You can design this non-woven bag with or even without lamination. This is different than the woven option which usually needs additional lamination before you apply certain designs to it.

The non-woven bags will look good with or even without lamination as well. It means that you can do the silk screen printing as well.

4.     Eco-Friendly Option

This product is more eco-friendly than the common plastic bags. It is because the non-woven bag is reusable which means you can use it again and again. 

As we know plastic bag is disposed of or usually only for one-time use. It can create more waste in our environment because plastic also needs more time to be biodegraded.

Since this item is reusable, it can help you to save more money as well. Due to those considerations, you may need to use this bag as soon as possible.

Are Non-Woven Bags Good or Bad? 

So, is it a good product or not? The advantages above show us that this product is really good and it has some other pros too. Those are washable, strong, durable, and breathable.

Most of these non-woven bags are made from polypropylene which means that it is water-resistant. However, you may find that some products are made from polyester but don’t worry since it is water-resistant too.

Are non-woven bags good or bad? The answer is yes, but it will be better if you use it wisely. An example is if you want to use this bag for grocery shopping.

It is better to separate ones for cleaning products, meats, vegetables, etc. Don’t forget to use the same one for a similar purpose every time to avoid the spread of bacteria, and more.

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