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Can you wash non-woven bags? It is a reasonable question that appears since this product is reusable or it can be used over and over again. This bag has an interesting design, and the most important thing is this is eco-friendly.

Based on some sources, this bag can be recycled, not make any pollutions, harmless, and washable. Use this product makes you take a role in reducing the amount of trashes.

All of us know that the accumulating rubbish can cause various problems such as flooding, respiratory health, untidy environments, etc. Reusable bags will be one of the best solutions to stop that problem.

non woven bag
Non Woven Bag

Can You Wash Non-Woven Bags?

It is for sure that you can wash this product. First of all, non-woven bags can be cleaned, but sometimes it is not a good idea to use washing machine, especially by using a strong speed.

Can you wash non-woven bags? Yes of course, but you must know the right process and ways as follows:

1.     Soaking method

Soak the non-woven bag in cold water or warm washing powder for ten to twenty minutes. Don’t wash it too long, because non-woven fabric materials are easily decomposed by water in a long time.

Please remember for not using bleaching or fluorescent detergent to prevent non-woven shopping bags from fading. It can make the appearance of this product is not too god.

2.     Gently Wash by Hand

When cleaning, it is recommended to wash by hand gently for the best effect. Don’t use a brush because it may break the fiber.

Besides that, the Non-woven bags will be easy to fluff. Then, the non-woven shopping bags will be difficult to see through, so you should avoid the brush.

3.     Use the Soft Bristle Bush

If you want to clean quickly, it is recommended that you use a soft bristle brush. To do so, first rub it with your hands gently, and then it is better to use a soft bristle brush to clean everything.

You should do it light and gentle because non-woven fabric breaks easily. This gentle action can make the lifespan of a non-woven bag is longer.

Cares after Cleaning

Can you wash non-woven bags? Based on the explanation above the answer is a yes. Another important thing is to know the cares after cleaning.

After cleaning, you have to flatten the non-woven shopping bag first. It is best to drain or dry these products quickly. It is better to apply the low temperature during drying and blow drying.

Besides that, you can remove the excess water and place in a cool, ventilated place. You can dry it in shade only and let this product dry completely.

Please remember that when you buy non-woven shopping bags, it is best to choose those with greater thickness. The details have been informed by the manufacturers, including the thickness.

Even though you it is a bit more expensive, but it is a great investment since this item is more durable. You don’t need to change it too often since this material is strong.

After you clean this bag and it has been dried completely, store it in the dry and clean area. If it is needed, you can fold this bag into a smaller size.

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