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Indonesia bin bag in United Kingdom can be a great solution for the unresolved-yet plastic issue. As we all know, plastic waste has been an environmental issue in every country in the world. Each country has different ways to reduce plastic use, but the point is to reuse, reduce, and recycle. Whatever the effort, every struggle to reduce plastic waste in the environment should be appreciated. You might already know that it takes hundreds of years for plastic to decompose in the environment. In many cases, plastic waste also causes the death of protected animals like turtles. Turtles accidentally eat plastic, thinking it as a jellyfish.

Not to mention the case of penguins that are entangled in plastic. So, what can we do to save our environment? Do not underestimate a small action. A small action can help to save our environment, especially if we do it consistently. By doing so, we will be able to inspire other people to do the same. If you care for the environment, now it is better for you to switch to Indonesia bin bag in United Kingdom. Bin bags or also known as bin liners are more environmentally friendly than plastic bags. Keep reading to find out more about bin bags.

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What is Indonesia Bin Bag in the United Kingdom?

Indonesia bin bag in United Kingdom or bin liners are a special bag for placing trash that you can directly dispose of. The size is varied, but it is typically big enough compared to shopping plastic bag so that it can accommodate more waste. Nowadays, there are a lot of bin bags made of biodegradable materials so that they are more environmentally friendly. For instance, there is Urban Plastic, which is one of the leading plastic manufacturers and exporters in Indonesia. This brand produces cassava plastic. If you do not know yet, cassava is a source of natural polymer for biodegradable plastic.

Since it is dedicated specially to dispose of waste, bin bags have several benefits than plastic bags. The biggest benefit of bin bags is its environmentally friendly material. It is made of biodegradable plastic, making it easier to decompose. Moreover, its large capacity allows you to reduce the use of small plastic bags that you might usually use. The hygiene issue is also solved because Indonesia bin bag in United Kingdom are able to close perfectly so that there will be no scattered garbage. Bin bags come in various colours. Yellow bin bags are for infectious and pathological medical waste.

Red bin bags are for radioactive waste, such as waste from laboratories. Brown bin bags are for pharmaceutical waste. This waste includes chemicals and expired medicines. Purple trash bags are for cytotoxic waste. Cytotoxic means medicines that inhibit cell division. Cytotoxic waste usually comes from chemotherapy activities. The last is black bin bags that are meant for domestic waste. Most households use this to accommodate their garbage. Black bin bags can also be used for garbage outside patients’ rooms or outside laboratories. Non-medical waste can also use this black Indonesia bin bag in United Kingdom.

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