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Indonesia Biodegradable Bag in Brunei is a new breakthrough to reduce the use of conventional plastics. Biodegradable plastic is a substitute for conventional plastic for various purposes such as shopping bags, water bottles and food containers. It is a plastic designed to be more durable and able to decompose rapidly in the environment. The conditions that support the decomposition of this type of plastic are actually exclusively in industrial compost. Many plastics labeled as biodegradable, such as shopping bags, will only decompose at 122 degrees Fahrenheit. This is referred to as one of the solutions to environmental problems caused by plastic waste.

The process of making degradable plastic is certainly different from conventional plastics. Conventional plastics use various materials and chemical processes in their manufacture. It is also the reason people are starting to switch to biodegradable plastics because the chemical content in conventional plastics can be harmful if consumed by the human body. Meanwhile, in biodegradable plastics, the production process is derived from natural materials and the company reduces chemical processes in plastics as much as possible. In the article below, we will discuss the process of making biodegradable plastic. This is a kind of picture of how the Indonesia Biodegradable Bag in Brunei is produced. We are also open to cooperation or consultation with you regarding our biodegradable products.

  • Raw Material Selection

First of all, we can use various plant wastes containing starch as the base material for biodegradable plastics. Some examples of these wastes are old/dried corn, cassava peels or hump, banana cobs, and wheat. Then, we can sort the waste and only use the parts that are suitable for processing into biodegradable plastic. To make it easier for you to imagine about this process, we will use banana hump as the base material. Indonesia Biodegradable Bag in Brunei is using various kinds of plant starch as raw materials for products.

  • Starch Manufacturing Process

The first process is to make the banana hump starch by separating the banana hump from the stem. Then we chop and soak the hump in a 50% citric acid liquid for 10 minutes. Then it’s time to heat the banana hump and soak it in water to make it easy to crush during the grinding process. Then we filter the hump slurry to obtain a precipitate. The next step we can dry the starch and grind it into powder. Indonesia Biodegradable Bag in Brunei Biodegradable Bag in Brunei always strives to reduce carbon emissions in every process of producing the products.

  • Mixing Starch with Glycerol

Before it becomes a degradable plastic, it is necessary to carry out the process of making a plastic film. The thin plastic film is a printable surface, which then becomes a biodegradable plastic. First is dissolve banana hump starch into glacial acetic acid. Then stir it with a stirrer. Then add the glycerol to the starch mixture after the banana cob starch is gelatinized. After that, the solution was printed on an acrylic plate, then dried in an oven for 2 hours. The plastic film mold is then left at room temperature for 2 x 24 hours and is ready to be used as biodegradable plastic for daily needs. If you want to know more about Indonesia Biodegradable Bag in Brunei, you can contact our team at the contact listed below.

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