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As is well known, plastic waste is a type of waste that is difficult to decompose. The use of plastic not only pollutes the surrounding environment, but also pollutes the oceans and endangers the life of marine biota. To overcome this problem, there are various alternatives as a solution to plastic waste which is continuously increasing in number. Indonesia Biodegradable Bag in Qatar provides solutions to prevent the accumulation of sustainable plastic waste. We provide degradable bag product that can decomposes over time and is certainly more environmentally friendly. Then, what are the advantages and benefits of biodegradable bags? Let’s look at the reviews below.

  1. All Naturals

Indonesia Biodegradable Bag in Qatar is a container products made from 100% natural raw materials. We can process various plant and animal wastes into biodegradable plastics. Some examples are cassava peel, banana hump, tofu dregs, old corn, and even animal shells. The waste will later be mixed with glycerol which is usually also made from used cooking oil and chitosan. Chitosan is a fiber polymer that makes plastics strong and elastic.

  1. It Can Be Fertilizer And Animal Feed

Basic materials made from plants and other environmentally safe materials make Indonesia Biodegradable Bag in Qatar is easier to decompose in nature. The results of the decomposition can be made for animal feed and fertilizer. Fertilizer from this waste can make the soil fertile because the microorganisms in the soil will increase the nutrients from the description of the plastic waste.

  1. Low Pollutant

Conventional plastic waste is harmful to the lives of living things. It generally contain chlorine, bisphenol A and phthalates that can trigger cancer disease. In addition to the harmful plastic content, plastic waste is usually very difficult to decompose. However, the breakthrough of Indonesia Biodegradable Bag in Qatar does not harm other living things because it does not contain toxins like plastic waste in general.

  1. Resist Unpleasant Odor

The smell of plastic circulating in the market is sometimes a little annoying. In contrast to plastics in general, environmentally friendly plastics usually have a low Oxygen Transmission Rate (OTR) so they are able to withstand unpleasant odors. In addition, the advantage of Indonesia Biodegradable Bag in Qatar is that it does not affect the smell or taste of the food packaged in it. You need to know that the chemicals from conventional plastic can affect the taste, smell, and quality of the food in it.

  1. High Temperature Resistance

Biodegradable plastic does not melt easily, stronger and more elastic than conventional plastics. Although the life of biodegradable plastic is not as long as the life of conventional plastic, Indonesia Biodegradable Bag in Qatar is proven to be safe as a container for food or hot objects without the process of releasing harmful chemical elements in plastic.

Biodegradable plastic is one of the innovations towards an environmentally friendly lifestyle.  It is expected to be able to save our earth from global warming due to environmental pollution from conventional plastic waste. If you want to know more about Indonesia Biodegradable Bag in Qatar, please connect with us via the contact listed below.

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