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Are cassava bags edible? This question is so interesting because people may think that it can be eaten since it is made from cassava. We know that cassava is a kind of vegetable root.

This plant can be found easily in many countries, especially in the Southeast Asia. The process may maybe long, but the manufacturers always use safe materials only.

The processes are done carefully, and they may add other safe ingredients as well. To do so, the sophisticated machine will do the rest job to create this environmentally friendly bag.

Cassava Bag
Cassava Bag

Are Cassava Bags Edible? 

It is so interesting to find the fact that some cassava bags are edible, or even drinkable. However, we should know the meaning and limit of the word ‘edible’ here.

Are cassava bags edible? Some are yes, but it doesn’t mean that people can eat this thing at any time they want to. Edible here means that this bag is completely safe for the environment.

This is because cassava bags are water soluble and made from the cassava starch. You don’t need to worry if fish and animals mistakenly think that this item is food. 

As we know sometimes people incidentally throw this bag into certain areas such as fields, rivers, or even the sea. Fishes or other animals may eat these items because they think it is a food.

If that situation happens, something bad will not happen to the animals. The natural material used to make this bag and its water-soluble feature makes this item so safe.

Other Characteristics of Cassava Bags

Besides being edible, cassava bags also have other unique characteristics that make it is as one of the best plastic bags on earth. Below are some of those unique characteristics.

1.     Compostable 

This eco-friendly item is compostable. This thing may not add any more nutrients to your compost. However, it is always better to throw this cassava bag into your compost bin than to the landfill, right? 

It is because the trash that people make is most likely to reach the sea. That is why; it is always better if you throw this bag to your compost and let it be biodegraded. 

2.     Biodegradable

It is a plant-based and eco-friendly bah. That is why; it also has biodegradable characteristics. About 90% of this item will be degraded into several substances.

Those are water, carbon dioxide, and biomass. It needs only less than 9 months to degrade completely. It is for sure a way faster than other plastic materials that need hundreds or even thousands of years to decompose. 

3.     Versatile

Many of you may think that this bag is fragile because it is biodegradable. That is not true because cassava bags are strong and versatile, just like the common plastic bag.

Furthermore, it can hold items up to seven kg. It is for sure that the weight inside must be suited to the bag’s size, such as the bigger items will need the bigger bag too.

So, are cassava bags edible? Yes, they are, but please note something that it is edible for animals. It means that this item will not harm them if they accidentally eat this bag.

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