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The cassava bag Indonesia manufacturer is well-known worldwide. It is because of many reasons such as their quality and standard to produce these eco-friendly bags. 

Besides that, Indonesia is also known as one of the biggest cassava producers in the world. It comes together with other countries in Asia-Pacific such as Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, and more.

Cassava Bag
Cassava Bag

So many people may want to start using this cassava bag from now. However, they are worried about several things such as the price. Is it a solution to have more affordable packaging? 

Product Prices from the Cassava Bag Indonesia Manufacturer 

As one of the tropical countries that are blessed with abundant stocks of cassava, the manufacturers in Indonesia promise us an affordable option. Their prices are based on several things as follows:

1.     Thickness and size

The size of the bag is the biggest determinant of the competitive prices. The larger items will cost more than the smaller ones. It is because the materials used are bigger and production costs are more expensive as well. However, a bigger size means that it can carry more items inside and is more durable at the same time. 

2.     Order quantity and customization

Sometimes, clients want to order custom designs for their cassava bags with the additional logo printed, etc. This may impact a higher price from the cassava bag Indonesia manufacturer. Furthermore, the larger order quantity will give you a different benefit to get the cheaper price.

Why You Should Invest in These Bags

Today, people are so eco-conscious. It means that we need sustainable and non-toxic solutions to change traditional plastics. Since this product is made from cassava starch, it is environmentally friendly.

Non-toxic is one of the amazing features to offer. Besides that, here are some of the reasons to choose this bag over the common traditional plastic. 

1.     Eco-friendly 

The products from cassava bag Indonesia manufacturer are compostable and biodegradable. It will break down naturally and won’t contribute to any plastic positions. 

The degradable process is so quick too because it is only within a month or two. It makes these items a great sustainable option for a better ecosystem. 

2.     Renewable Resources 

Cassava is a renewable resource that grows quickly. That is why; this item is a sustainable and reliable option for packaging. It doesn’t contain any dangerous chemicals or harmful materials.

That is why; they are non-toxic and safe for foods, storage, and packaging. The strength is also great and not different than the common traditional plastics. That is why; this innovation is highly recommended.

3.     Profitable Options for Business

Choosing the products from cassava bag Indonesia manufacturer means that you are contributing to saving our nature and reducing the carbon footprint for the next generation. 

So far, it is so cost-effective, and the other benefits above make this bag a profitable packaging option for businesses. Choosing this cassava bag is not only a purchase but more than that. 

The affordable cassava bag means that you can cut your production costs, and support the eco-friendly concept. It becomes a valuable investment, so don’t forget to choose the best cassava bag Indonesia manufacturer only. 

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