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Cassava plastic bag Indonesia introduces an alternative to replace toxic plastic bags called cassava bags. This is an eco-friendly and biodegradable kind of bag as it is manufactured from starches from the plant’s extracts. Its nature has an important role in improving the environment that is to save marine species & prevent ecological catastrophes. Now, let’s discuss this biodegradable alternative to plastic further! In fact, plastic is a kind of ubiquitous toxic polymer. It’s become a crucial asset of our life over the years because it is durable, flexible, cheap, and versatile. Now, we have an ideal replacement to it.

Usually, cassava plastic bag is used to manufacture debit/credit cards, tooth brush, headphones, pens, mobile phones, cars, food wraps, carry bags, etc. Just think about daily needs and you will certainly find plastic in it. So, plastic becomes ubiquitous. Unfortunately, this miracle substance has a critical flaw. We know that plastic offers convenience but it has a negative impact, especially on human health. Even more, it can wreck the environment sustaining us. So, it is clear that plastic is toxic oxymoron and doesn’t belong to our world. Therefore, it is better to focus on finding a trusted cassava plastic bag Indonesia.

Sell Cassava Bag
Sell Cassava Bag

Cassava Plastic Bag Indonesia Producing Biodegradable Bags

A cassava plastic bag is made of cassava starch, organic resins, and vegetable oil. This bag is not only biodegradable but also compostable. It means it will not harm the environment throughout its life cycle. Then, this eco-friendly bag will break down over a lesser time when you give it to composting. Besides that, a cassava bag is soluble I water, even under high temperature. Therefore, it will not contaminate the environment. If you are looking for a cassava plastic bag Indonesia, you can find and purchase it easily either online or offline.

Manufacturing Process of Cassava Plastic Bag Indonesia

When it comes to the manufacturing process of cassava plastic bag Indonesia, there are a few stages you need to know. The first stage is production of granules. In this stage, starch from the cassava flour is mixed with additives including organic resins and vegetable oil. Then, the manufacturer puts this blend into a granulator machine and give it to certain temperature & pressure. This will result in the granule production. The second stage is film production. In this stage, the manufacturer puts the granules into an extruder machine. This will obtain films of different thicknesses.

Then, the manufacturer stretches the film with the rollers. Next, they cool and roll the film to be used in creating cassava plastic bags. Last, it comes to the production of bags. Here, the manufacturer makes the cassava plastic bags with the help of the film. Different types of cassava plastic bags Indonesia are available such as garbage bags, grip-hole bags, t-shirt bags, etc. This is the final step of the cassava plastic bag manufacturing process. So, are you interested in using this kind of eco-friendly bag? Since it is available in various designs, you should choose it based on your needs.

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