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Do you know how are cassava plastic bags made? Many of you are maybe curious about the whole process because this product is unique, but environmentally friendly as well.

This item looks like a common plastic bag, but it is made from cassava starch. Then, this starch is mixed with other components in certain processes.

That is why; the final result is a strong and durable material. You can use it like the common plastic bag. Here the further details about how to make this cassava bag.

Cassava Bag
Cassava Bag

How are Cassava Plastic Bags Made?

Choosing cassava as the base material is based on several reasons. One of them is it is abundant in stock and it also contains the right materials for making a plastic bag.

That ingredient can be processed by a manufacturer into raw materials for making plastic pellets. To know the complete processes, here are the steps.

1.     Processing the Cassava

How are cassava plastic bags made? The manufacturers started processing cassava into flour form. Then that flour will be mixed with glycerol to produce strong plastic components.

It is for sure that the quantity must be considered precisely. Besides that, the use of some machines is also necessary to create the best results in the end.

2.     The Extrusion Process 

Then the extrusion process is done by using an extruder at a temperature of 100-160°C. The results of this extrusion of the plastic pellets will produce other pellets too. 

These pellets are the raw and common material to make plastic bags. Next, these pellets will be put into a special machine that is known as a pelletizing machine. 

3.     Processed by Machine

This machine consists of a part like a feeder to accommodate the pellets. These pellets will be processed and then made into vegetable bags. 

Then it goes through a heating process and a blowing process as well. It will use certain temperatures to make the mixture reach the right shape. Finally, this material becomes plastic sheets. 

4.     Molding Process

The last step is called the molding process. This molding step will create the cassava bag based on the needs such as cutting it to certain sizes, shapes, and more.

After that, further processes may be needed such as printing the logo, letters, or anything for this cassava bag. Usually, it depends on your needs and budget as well.

The result is a Biodegradable and Compostable Product

The processes above create the best cassava bag product. They are biodegradable and compostable too which means they will be crushed naturally in the soil within certain weeks only.

You don’t need to worry about anything because this bag will not harm the soil and other living creatures inside the ground. Besides that, this product is also strong and can accommodate many items inside.

It is just like a common plastic bag where you can choose based on the size too. This cassava bag may not be available in all stores nowadays, but later it will become an essential effort to save nature. 

So, how are cassava plastic bags made? The explanation above gives us clear information and it shows that the whole process is safe.

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