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Some of you may want to know about the cassava bags Indonesia priceIt is reasonable, especially if you want to use this eco-friendly packaging to support your business. A Cassava bag is a bag made from cassava leaves. Surely this is very environmentally friendly.

You have to know that these leaves have a recycling cycle that can be renewed naturally and periodically. That is why; this natural product is easily blended into nature in just 180 days and can be dissolved in water temperatures of more than 80 degrees Celsius quickly.

Cassava Bag
Cassava Bag

Besides the cassava bags Indonesia price, you may want to understand other details about these products. So, here is further information about this environmentally friendly plastic. 

Why You Have to Use This

There are so many reasons why people and industry must start to use these bags. Below are the important notes and reasons to know. 

1.     Plastic Waste is Not Recycled 

Research conducted by Sustainable Waste Indonesia (SWI), recorded that 1.3 million plastic waste per year is not recycled. Of course, using cassava bags is much easier to renew.

It is because Indonesia’s tropical climate makes it easy to cultivate cassava. Only by cutting the stem and then replanting it, a new plant will grow.

2.     Environmental-friendly 

In addition, these bags are said to be environmentally friendly also because they do not contain harmful substances. Unlike plastic made from fossil fuels, cassava bags utilize organic materials.

Those are cassava, vegetable oil, and biodegradable polymers which are completely harmless to the environment, plants, or animals. It won’t harm the marine life as well. 

3.     Support the Farmers 

Utilizing the main ingredient of this plant means you also help the farmers to continue cultivating it. Cassava production has continued to decline since 2013 certainly makes farmers not excited. 

Therefore, the production of this product is expected to increase will help cassava farmers. That is why; the cassava bags Indonesia price become an essential Indicator to know. 

The Cassava Bags Indonesia price

Although the price of cassava bags is more expensive than plastic bags, everything is still reasonable. It is because the manufacture and benefits produced are much different. 

It’s okay to buy a slightly more expensive item, but you also contribute to a healthy environment. The cassava bags Indonesia price is varied and can be based on certain factors too. 

These factors are the sizes, materials, thicknesses, and so on. The ones which are larger and thicker will be more expensive. However, they can give more benefits too such as stronger, can accommodate more items inside.

Based on the data, the price can be IDR 1000 – 3000 for a small bag. It means that for a dollar, you will get 5 – 7 small cassava bags. However, some others can cost you more. 

The example is an item with a size of 35cm. It is sold at a price of around US$2.5 which is way more expensive than the first product above. 

However, it may have a thicker material, more durable, and for sure bigger. It means that you need to ask and check about the cassava bags Indonesia price before purchasing.

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