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Cassava plastic bag Indonesia was introduced in 2018. Now, it belongs to one of the most famous types of packaging. Typically, this compostable plastic bag is made from fermented food starch. Besides that, it is better than typical plastic contributing to landfill & not breaking down or composting. Since it is a natural product, it doesn’t contain toxic chemicals. There are many benefits of cassava plastic bags. They are 100% compostable, non-toxic, reduce electricity & water usage, and reduce greenhouse emissions in the manufacturing process. Because of that, cassava plastic bags can be a good alternative of packaging for your food or beverage products.

The demand of petroleum-free bags has significantly increased, leading to its production at a wide scale. Many countries caring about the environment conservation have made the use of biodegradable or compostable bags mandatory. Actually, there are many options of materials for biodegradable bags. However, cassava plastic bag Indonesia is considered the best choice. For your information, cassava is a root vegetable that contains different nutrients. That’s why it ranks amongst the stable ingredients of various diets. An analysis shows that it is the main component of the diet of more than 8000 million people.

cassava plastic bag Indonesia
cassava plastic bag Indonesia

Types of Cassava Plastic Bag Indonesia

For your information, cassava plastic bag Indonesia is available in a few types. There are 3 most common types you often find in the market. One of them is a cassava grip-hole bag. It is a sustainable alternative to a plastic grip-hole bag. When given to composting, its decomposition doesn’t harm the environment. Besides that, there is a cassava T-shirt bag. It is a great replacement for a plastic bag. You can use it to carry food items or other stuff. If you purchase it, you can contribute effectively to conserve the limited non-renewable resource on the earth.

The cassava garbage bag is another most popular kind of cassava plastic bag Indonesia. This eco-bag is a solution to the plastic garbage bag because it is more compostable and sustainable. Now, it is time to replace the plastic garbage bag with this cassava garbage bag. And, you should also take a cassava grip-hole bag significant step forwards the mother nature conservation. When it turns into plastic items, cassava has the similar way of production to other bioplastics. You need to know that it derives from the cassava starch, much the same as cord or tapioca-based bioplastics.

Cassava Plastic Bag Indonesia

The Make of Cassava Plastic Bag Indonesia

Essentially, the basic process of cassava plastic bag Indonesia can differ. It depends on the country & manufacturing facility. First, gather materials including cassava starch, vinegar, glycerin, and water. After that, it comes to extraction & testing of starch. Then, it requires bio-film preparation. It is the mixture of the materials heated under mild heat. Next, it relates to molding of bioplastic. Then, pellets are created with twin screw extruder machine. For the next, pellets are heated & converted into different shapes. Last, pellets are converted to quality cassava plastic bags.

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