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Indonesia die cut bag in Africa are also known as kidney bags or punch out handle bags because they have a circle or oval handle. Retailers, department stores, and clothing stores usually use this kind of shopping bag. It comes in various sizes and colours, allowing you to customize it to meet your business needs. Since it can be personalized, you can also use die cut handle bags as a tool to promote your business. There are 2 types of die-cut handle bags, which are the ones with cut off handles and fold top die-cut handle bags.

Fold top die-cut bags are the ones with a cut-off handle and top fold. Such a design will make the handle stronger and sturdier. Indonesia die cut bag in Africa are more durable and stronger than cheap plastic shopping bags. Their thickness ranges from 30 microns to 60 microns. Die cut handle bags allow you to carry heavier items more conveniently. Thanks to the durability and thickness, you do not have to be worried about the handles breaking or ripping. Such a shopping bag lacks reinforced parts around the cutting handles, that’s what makes it strong and able to accommodate heavier items.

Benefits of Indonesia Die Cut Handle Bag in Africa: Durable

As it is said before, die cut handle bags are sturdier than paper bags and conventional plastic bags. Such a shopping bag offers better durability. It is resistant to tear, rip, and puncture. This kind of shopping bag even features an optional reinforced patch handle or fold-over handle for extra security, especially when carrying heavier goods. Urban Plastic produces Indonesia die cut bag in Africa made of HDPE and LLDPE. These materials are known to withstand weight without easily tearing or ripping. They also accept personalized orders to meet your business needs. You can add a logo, picture, choose a colour, and so on.

Sell Die-Cut Bags
Sell Die-Cut Bags

Benefits of Indonesia Die Cut Handle Bag in Africa: Versatile

Besides durability, Indonesia die cut bag in Africa also offer versatility. You can use it for an array of uses. While clothing stores and retail stores mostly use it for bagging customers’ bought goods, coffee shops and bakeries use it for packaging food items. Restaurants can also use this bag to pack up take-away orders. Since it is durable, you can use die cut handle bags many times. Some die-cut bags even come with a zip-top to protect the products inside it. There are also resealable die-cut bags that are suitable for traveling.

Benefits of Indonesia Die Cut Handle Bag in Africa: Sustainable

Die cut handle bags are sustainable and eco-friendly because they are reusable, meaning you can use them several times. Such a shopping bag is more environmentally friendly than traditional plastic bags that are disposable since they break easily. Die cut handle bags last longer. So, if you are more aware of our environment and want to safe our dear planet, start to switch from conventional plastic bags to Indonesia die cut bag in Africa.

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