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For those of you who are looking for information about the benefits of using 50mm drainage cell for your daily life. If yes, then you can listen to the discussion we have prepared below regarding this matter.

When building a house you also have to pay attention to the drainage of the house. This needs to be done so that the house you will live in avoids flooding because there is no drainage that is useful for channeling rainwater.

For this reason, you need to know how to choose the best cell drainage so you can get maximum benefits. Check out the complete discussion that we have summarized below exclusively just for you below.

Drainage Cell
Drainage Cell

The Difference Between 30mm and 50mm Drainage Cell

Apart from being used as a method for draining water in the soil, drainage cells can also be used to store water. You can later use this water for your needs, from washing clothes, watering plants, washing dishes, and so on.

Drainage cells are one of the products that you really need when building a construction, be it a house or other building. This product will help smooth underground water drainage to prevent flooding.

Currently, there are two types of drainage cells that are often used and are only differentiated by their thickness, namely 30mm and 50mm drainage cell. What makes the two products different?

As the name suggests, drainage cells with a thickness of up to 50mm have better capacity for water-holding capacity, load-bearing capacity and overall efficiency in water drainage. So a thicker drainage cell could be one of your considerations.

Apart from that, the difference that differentiates these two products lies in the product price. Because they tend to have better quality, drainage cells with a thickness of up to 50mm will usually be sold at a higher price than 30mm drainage cells.

But you don’t need to worry because if you are lucky you can find a product with a thickness of 50mm at a fairly affordable price. We can use and rely on these two products as one of the best water management methods.

The Advantages of Using It

On several occasions, 50mm and 30mm drainage cells are also used for different needs. Drainage cells with a size of 50mm are used for specific projects with a larger water capacity, as well as 30mm drainage cells which are used for medium or small projects.

The use of drainage cells certainly does not bring benefits to us. This product was created specifically by researchers to help us regulate water drainage in the soil.

Many of us live in urban areas with little water absorption. As a result, the area will often experience flooding or standing water. To overcome this, you can use a drainage cell.

Drainage cells help channel and store certain amounts of rainwater. So that later you can reuse the water according to your needs, starting from washing clothes, washing dishes, up to consumption.

What’s more interesting is that this product can easily help prevent soil erosion. Drainage cells do this by managing water flow which results in reducing soil erosion. You can easily get 30mm and 50mm drainage cell in various shops and on the internet.

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