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This type of drain cell for artificial grass factory in Indonesia is suitable for those who need to know which one to buy. Many options are available on the market, and each has its way of working with surface drainage.

Previously, we have discussed a lot about what benefits can be obtained from drainage cells. Many people install this tool to get all who have been fit. But most people already know its function but need to know which to buy.

Many people consider buying this material because of sustainability towards the environment. Drainage offers long-term sustainability. Prevention or reduction of salinity is also an advantage, but not all types provide it.

Therefore, you must determine which type to maximize its function according to your use. The improvements made to this system also make the drain cell offer enormous benefits for farmers, operators, and more.

Drainage Cell
Drainage Cell

MsMsTypes of Drain Cell for Artificial Grass Factory in Indonesia

In general, many options can be obtained by purchasing this drain cell. However, there are only four main types of drainage systems, each with a specific approach and working method. To be clear, the drain cell for the grass factory must match these types:

1.     Corrugated and PVC Slotted Subsurface Pipes

The first and most popular option for permeable soil types is Currogated, and PVC subsurface pops. This type of subsurface pipe can quickly drain heavy soils but must be installed very close together.

So that these subsurface pipes are not included in the Types of drain cell for artificial grass factory in Indonesia for large areas of land; the way it works is to replace tiles and is made with flexible corrugated plastic tubing to reduce water and soil retention.

2.     Mole Drainage

This type of drain cell is used in heavy soils with a depth of about 6 cm. Soil that is dispersive or easily peels off is the most suitable for this type of drain cell. This system is used because do not quickly molt.

Installation near ground level here on heavy soils will drain into the porous backfill above the pipe. This type of drain cell for artificial grass factory in Indonesia is rarely used because it is only suitable for short terms.

3.     Interceptor Drains

This type of drainage is installed at the bottom of the slope, unsuitable for flat ground. These usually have intercept channels installed close to the springs of grass or garden. This allows the soil to maintain its strength and structure because no excess water exists.

4.     Ground Water Pumps

This type of groundwater pump is also one of the most effective drain cell for artificial grass factory in Indonesia. This should be considered first based on the aquifer depth and soil type. Usually, the effect of this water absorption is less in the depth of the soil.

And all of this must be based on the best drainage contractor and manufacturer. What we mean by the best is BaliGEOTEX. We can guarantee that there will be no doubts about choosing this drainage system.

Selecting the most suitable drainage system should be based on soil characteristics and suitability for use. Don’t choose the slotted subsurface if you have a large area. So, there are many considerations when buying drain cell for artificial grass factory in Indonesia.

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