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If you are looking for information about drainage cell for artificial grass then the discussion we have prepared below could be the right answer. Therefore, make sure that you read all the information carefully.

Caring for grass in the garden is not an easy thing to do. There are many things you need to do to care for garden grass. If you care for it wrongly, the grass can dry out and die.

For this reason, many people prefer artificial grass to plant in their gardens because it is easier to care for. However, artificial grass still requires good care so that it remains pleasant when you look at it or use it as a place for children to play.


Does Artificial Grass Need Drainage Cells?

Synthetic grass or artificial grass is the choice of many people to install in parks, driveways, or play areas for children and pets. The choice of synthetic grass is intended to minimize maintenance on the grass.

Because if you use real grass, you need to collect a lot of time, money and energy. For this reason, many people prefer to use synthetic grass to install or plant in their gardens.

But have you ever heard about artificial grass that requires drainage cells? If not, then the discussion about drainage cell for artificial grass on this occasion might be able to answer your question.

Synthetic grass is grass that is made specifically only to cover garden layers. This grass cannot grow or die if it is not cared for properly by the owner. So you actually don’t need to install a drainage cell under the artificial grass that you install in the garden.

But there is a type of artificial grass that you can install drainage cells under. This type of artificial grass has a special characteristic, namely that it has pores which act as a way for water to enter the soil. That way there will be no water flooding the artificial grass that you install in your garden.

So you can install a drainage cell for artificial grass which aims to channel water into the soil so that it doesn’t pool on the synthetic grass. Although this actually will not affect the growth of the synthetic grass you install.

Best Drainage Cell for Artificial Grass

So installing drainage cells only aims to drain water into the ground and not pool it at one point. Because when water pools at one point, it can make the ground muddy and disrupt your activities.

Muddy soil will also make your garden look dirty and unkempt because of standing water. Stagnant water can also become a place for mosquitoes to breed and trigger the emergence of dengue fever in your family.

Drainage cell for artificial grass It also functions to help control soil erosion. That way you can have fertile land that can be planted with all kinds of plants. Soil erosion itself is something that can cause landslides if left untreated.

Therefore, make sure that you only buy artificial grass that has pores so that drainage cells can be installed underneath. That way, you can still enjoy the beauty of synthetic grass because you have installed drainage cell for artificial grass.

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