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An explanation of drainage cell mat exporter in Indonesia is still urgently needed. Because people can’t only see the pros of this material but also need proper fundamentals to help understand. But the advantages offered are exciting!

Drainage Cell, if you look at its shape, is like a block but has cavities and holes. It serves to drain the water so that there are no puddles. But this will only be effective if the installation method is done correctly and the drainage system used is also appropriate.

Many articles discuss how the actual drainage cell installation must be carried out. But we will have professional services to help the structure more effectively prevent waterlogging and damage to plant roots.

The material used in the manufacture of this material is polypropylene. The structure of this material is hollow, usually adjusted to its size. It can be installed on roof gardens, parks, green areas, parking lots, or underground tunnels.

Drainage Cell

Advantages of Drainage Cell Mat Exporter in Indonesia in Overcoming Drainage Problems

Since it is made from eco-friendly and recyclable materials, it immediately offers many advantages. Its advantages are not only about handling negative impacts on the environment but also in many other aspects.

Specially designed to provide functions such as preventing soil erosion and improving the structure and quality of soil and water, this makes it more interesting. For this reason, these are the advantages of drainage cell mat exporter in Indonesia, namely:

1.     Effective

A drainage cell is a solution to overcome drainage problems. These processes and how they work are very effective because the primary materials used are specifically used to collect rainwater and circulate it so it runs smoothly and without obstacles.

2.     Easy

The installation aspect is the next advantage of the drainage cell mat exporter in Indonesia. This material is elementary to install and disassemble. This plastic base material makes it light and flexible and does not require special care.

3.     Cleanliness

You don’t need to worry about its impact on the environment either. The use of these materials and materials makes rainwater well collected and filtered. So that waste and chemicals that enter the drainage do not pollute the environment.

4.     Aesthetics

One thing that makes the drainage cell mat exporter in Indonesia quite popular is that if it is correctly planted on top of a building, it will give an attractive appearance and aesthetic value. The black color and solid shape make it aesthetically pleasing.

5.     Environment

As we have said, this exporter in Indonesia drainage cell mat is made with recyclable plastic. Therefore, this material will not damage the environment; even better, it can last for a long time.

Drainage cells are vital for buildings and infrastructure. Various uses and guarantees of practical function make BaliGEOTEX aware of the production of good-quality drainage cells. Even BaliGEOTEX guarantees products with quality and export standards.

So that it is not difficult to get rid of standing water when watering plants, what can be done is to install a special mat—the name drain cell, which is usually used to maintain the quality of soil and water. Make sure to choose the best drainage cell mat exporter in Indonesia.

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