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To get optimal function from drainage cell mat exporter in Indonesia, what must be done is to know first if this material needs to be installed correctly. To install it, six steps need to be passed first, and they have to be precise!

A drainage cell is a plastic membrane layer with cavities and holes shaped like a waffle. This is usually placed below ground level or floor, and the function of this cell mat is to help drain water into the sewer without standing.

This layer is also designed to accelerate the water flow so that nothing damages the building structure. The primary function of this tool is to maximize the part of the building, which is included as an innovation and technology with a significant role.

The advantages of using drainage cells are sometimes not found by some people. The most common reason is because they need to use the correct installation method even though installation is one of the main requirements for making the drain cell work properly.

Drainage Cell
Drainage Cell

Installation of Drainage Cell Mat Exporter in Indonesia for Optimal Use

The technology of the drain cell offers many functions, but this is only possible if the drain cell is installed correctly. The way it works will also be more effective if you follow the correct installation method, and for optimal use, here’s how to install it:

1.     Prepare the Surface first

Preparing the surface is the first and most crucial step when installing drainage cell mat exporter in Indonesia. The surface must be cleaned and leveled correctly, ensuring nothing can damage the drainage cell.

2.     Install the Water Repellent Layer

Before placing the primary material, installing a water-retaining layer on the surface is highly recommended. This layer prevents water leakage into the building so that the structure is protected from moisture.

3.     Place Drainage Cells

After the water barrier layer is installed, drainage cell mat exporter in Indonesia can be placed. Each of these panels must be installed and placed neatly according to its place. Also, ensure that none of the panels move during installation.

4.     Connect the Drainage Cell

Also, make sure each panel is properly connected. Because if something is not bound, the water flow can be obstructed and cause problems. So, once it’s installed, connect it first, but ensure all the panels are intact and connected.

5.     Cut the Drainage Cell

This is an optional process and should only be performed when needed. Panels that are felt to be excess can be cut to suit the size and shape of the building surface. But the process of cutting drainage cell mat exporter in Indonesia must be careful.

6.     Drainage Cell Test

And after the installation process is complete, there is still a process to be done. This is a testing process, and you must test the drainage system. Try to see if the stream of water flows smoothly or if there are still puddles on the surface.

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In installing the drain cell, make sure you follow the instructions. It is also recommended to consult with civil engineers or contractors first. This is so that the installation of drainage cell mat exporter in Indonesia can be maximized.

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