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Installing drainage cell mat exporter in Indonesia using synthetic grass is more effective. This is not only for the quality of the grass but also for the surrounding area where the water flows. But for more details, you need to see the following explanation first.

A drainage cell mat is a material that accelerates the water flow, so it doesn’t stagnate. It can be installed both indoors and outdoors without causing too many problems. But this installation sometimes only sometimes produces the results it should.

Because this drainage system can make the synthetic grass that is installed of less quality, therefore, what must be done is to find a cell mat that guarantees the quality and durability of use so that the drainage system becomes better and there are no other problems.

For those who don’t know what a drain cell is, this material drains water below the surface in the form of a hollow and hollow block. If this material is installed under synthetic turf, the water flow will be faster and dry quickly when watered.

Drainage Cell
Drainage Cell

How to Install Synthetic Grass in Drainage Cell Mat Exporter in Indonesia

However, all that effectiveness will only sometimes work if this material is installed correctly. To install anti-flood synthetic turf with a drainage cell mat exporter in Indonesia, start first by ensuring the area to be installed is level.

This aims to make this installation neater and make the drainage cell appropriately installed. Installing correctly will also make the water flow more smoothly—next, the structure of synthetic turf on the drain cell mat by adding a non-woven geotextile layer.

This pairing method is critical to get maximum results and functions. Because each drainage cell mat exporter has a unique working system, you can use professional services to make the installation results more effective.

Why Does Synthetic Grass Also Need Drainage Cell Mat Exporter in Indonesia?

We will also review in more detail why you need a drainage cell mat when installing synthetic grass. This basically consists of many reasons, but the problems that will arise if the artificial turf is not installed with this drainage system will be our focus.

The most common and central is that artificial turf becomes more easily damaged when no drainage system exists. The selection of drainage cell mat exporter in Indonesia will play a significant role in the water management system.

Then this will also make the grass smell bad. In addition, when it rains, the grass will be more slippery, and many puddles will arise. This much water will make it difficult for the grass to dry, and over time it will have to be replaced.

You already know how to install a drain cell mat. But it would be even better if you only used services from trusted parties, such as BaliGEOTEX. BAliGEOTEX is a company that produces drainage cell mats of export quality but can also help with the installation process.

From here, you need drain cell installation from a professional service. This will make the installed grass last longer because of its sound drainage system. Drainage cell mat exporter in Indonesia will also solve the synthetic grass problem.

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