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On this occasion we will discuss how do you use drainage cells? Did you know that yet? If not, you can read the information we have prepared in detail below.

If you want to build a house or building, you also have to think about the drainage of that place. Therefore, you can use drainage cells which can help you drain and store water.

Do you know what drainage cells are? No need to worry, we will also explain this and become the topic of this discussion. For this reason, you need to pay attention to the discussion carefully so that you don’t miss any discussion.

Drainage Cell
Drainage Cell

How Do You Use Drainage Cells?

The use of drainage cells certainly does not bring benefits to us. This product was created specifically by researchers to help us regulate the drainage of water in the soil which will prevent the area around our house from flooding and standing water.

We can really rely on drainage cells if you want a product that can help regulate water circulation, especially rainwater. In urban areas that do not have many water catchment areas, when the rainy season arrives, flooding will often occur.

Drainage cells are lightweight polypropylene plastic blocks and are installed by joining them interlocking with each other. Later we can use this product to channel water underground.

But do you already know the discussion about how do you use drainage cells? No need to worry, because that will also be the main topic of discussion on this occasion.

1.      Green roofs

One of the most frequent uses of drainage cells is the green roofs system. Usually green roofs are made by creating space for water storage and drainage under growing medium and vegetation.

This will help provide water for the plants you plant. Apart from that, it can also help prevent waterlogging, and also keep plants growing well and perfectly.

2.      Pavement and hardscape drainage

Apart from being used for green roofs, we also use drainage in installing pavement and hardscape drainage. In paved surface areas, such as parking lots, sidewalks, or driveways, drainage cells are used to regulate the underground drainage system.

That way, when it rains, the area will not be flooded or experience standing water because there is already a drainage system underneath. Considering that paved surfaces can no longer absorb water, this often triggers flooding.

3.      Sports fields

When building a sports field, you will also need drainage cells. Especially sports fields that use real grass ranging from soccer, rugby, American football, baseball, and many others.

4.      Residential construction

Housing located in urban areas will usually have very few water catchment areas. To prevent flooding in this area, you can use drainage cells installed in every residential construction.

Not only that, you can also use drainage cells to store water reserves. Later you can use this water for various needs. So, do you know the discussion about how do you use drainage cells?

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