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If you are planning to install artificial grass in your garden, using services from an Indonesia drain cell for artificial grass manufacturer and exporter can be important. This is due to your need to consider the proper drainage as well.

If the area where you will place the fake grass does not expose to the sun and is prone to heavy rain, this might be a problem. Moreover, if there is compacted, dense soil.

Drainage Cell
Drainage Cell

Indonesia Drain Cell for Artificial Grass Manufacturer and Exporter, Understanding the Issue

When it comes to installing artificial turf, you definitely need to think about drainage. It is best to address it prior to installation so that you will not face the issue down the line.

The problems with artificial grass are sometimes related to drainage. Thus, it can be said that this factor is essential to be considered. Actually, this fake grass is designed to be free-draining since the water can easily passes through it.

Hence, compared to natural grass, it tends to be more efficient. However, it is still critical to prepare good drainage cells from Indonesia drain cell for artificial grass manufacturer and exporter for more proper drainage and pay attention to the foundation laid upon the grass as well.

You cannot take these things for granted as the problem like puddling can appear if there is no proper drainage system. Related to this issue, geological factors can also be the cause.

For instance, uneven surfaces, clay-based soils that retain water, a garden that sits lower than the land, and a high water table. These factors cause rainwater to naturally flow and settle on it.

Another cause is using the wrong fill material, this is the reason for clogging in the back of the turf. It is recommended to seek advice from Indonesia drain cell for artificial grass manufacturer and exporter so that you can use the right infill to avoid this problem.

It is always important to follow the installation guide correctly. There will be information about what kind of aggregate is needed and the base type. If you get that stage wrong, there might be an upcoming drainage issue.

Tackle the Problems with A Quality Product

Considering the problems mentioned above, the solution is related to a proper drainage system. Using drain cells is the solution since it is eco-friendly and effective to tackle those issues.

By using this product, there are many problems that you can overcome. This solution from Indonesia drain cell for artificial grass manufacturer and exporter can sort issues that might occur in your fake grass installation, including the following.

  1. Instability and unevenness are caused by trapped water, which can lead to accidental falls.
  2. Accumulated stagnant water that can cause mildew, mold, and moss.
  3. Pooled water can cause your front yard unusable since there is no one who wants to walk in puddles.
  4. Poor drainage can result in waterlogged flower beds around you, which means your plants can drown.
  5. In wintertime, trapped water can freeze, it might injuring and slipping yourself.
  6. The longevity of the fake grass can be affected by the ineffective drainage.

Finding quality drain cells is an easy task. BaliGEOTEX provides many best products for your needs. We are a reliable Indonesia drain cell for artificial grass manufacturer and exporter.

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