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Drain cell for artificial grass exporter in Indonesia will significantly assist you in creating an effective and robust subsurface drainage network. It consists of square cells, and when assembled correctly, it serves many uses.

The drain cell is a large black planter box. These are usually installed in roof gardens underground, suitable for rainwater storage and infiltration. These cells can do it all, worthy of being called a modern solution for modern gardening.

Dran cells are modular plastic products that create cavities for rainwater drainage applications. This product comes in various shapes and sizes and can be adjusted to the height of the drainage cell volume as well.

Drainage Cell

More to Know About Drain Cell for Artificial Grass Exporter in Indonesia

Knowing what we describe below guarantees that your understanding of drain cells and how the system works is much better. So that you don’t install it right away and don’t get the results you expect, you need to know more about drain cells:

1.     How does the System Work?

The drain cell for artificial grass exporter in Indonesia works by creating a gap between the surface and the ground. The foundation underneath will also be a central factor. And it is this space that allows water to flow freely beneath the surface and facilitates proper drainage.

2.     Where Can Drainage Cells Be Used?

This drain cell can be used in many places. Appropriate application systems to roads, such as roofs, planting boxes, retaining walls, and sports mats. It is also a solution for residential and commercial projects, provided it can be installed correctly.

3.     Are there Any Different Types of Drainage Cells?

Various types of drain cell for artificial grass exporter in Indonesia are available in the market. It is adapted to a project’s specific needs; some are high-flow drainage cells for load bearing only, and some are lighter in weight. The material is also different from each other.

4.     How to Install Drainage Cells?

Earlier, we said that the installation process must be precise if you want a significant impact and maximum use from the drainage cell. Installing this drain cell is to cut it according to the desired area and form a continuous drainage layer.

5.     How to Maintain a Drainage Cell System?

After being installed correctly, the drain cell for artificial grass exporter in Indonesia will provide maintenance. Regular checks are necessary to ensure no clogs and buildups, as these will affect system performance.

6.     Is It Environmentally Friendly?

Many are also concerned about the impact on the environment. In general, this is environmentally friendly because it helps manage rainwater runoff. It can also reduce soil erosion and promote sustainable plant growth.

To install this drain cell, you should contact a company that you and others can trust. We will only recommend BeliGEOTEX because it has been proven to provide good drain cells. This can also help your project to be completed quickly and the results are maximized.

Drainage can be used for your projects from now on. It is recommended to consult with a professional team first so that the installation process is correct and gets maximum function. Drain cell for artificial grass exporter in Indonesia are also in demand.

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