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People often want to buy drainage cell mat exporter in Indonesia but need to know what plants can be planted on it. Therefore, we will provide the best options for those of you looking for plants to plant.

If you live in an area with limited land, one of the best solutions is to make the most of every available space. Sometimes environmental and plant lovers find it very difficult to carry out their hobbies because space is limited.

In fact, those who like plants but have limited land try to use the space on the rooftop. That’s right; your rooftop can be the main space for advancing plant cultivation; take advantage of this one additional tool.

The additional tools we refer to are Drainage Cells; only some people know exactly what this is. A drainage cell is a material usually installed for those who want to plant plants but have limited access.

Drainage Cell
Drainage Cell

Best Plants to Grow in Drainage Cell Mat Exporter in Indonesia

The use of this drain cell from time to time is increasing. Because many say that it is used for particular services and allows plant buffs to buy flowers. So, here are some of the plants that can be planted in drainage cell mat exporter in Indonesia:

1.     Winterberries

Winterberry is a plant with fruit that is often planted in outdoor gardens. It is suitable for areas with loamy, moist, acidic soil and can tolerate poor drainage. The beautiful appearance is also coupled with the planting process, which is also easy.

2.     Dogwood Tatarian

Next, we also want to offer you to plant Tatarian dogwood or what is often referred to as red twig dogwood. It is ideal for planting on a drainage cell mat exporter in Indonesia because it is light in weight and does not require frequent watering.

3.   Horsetails

You must have heard the name horsetail plant, which has often been used as an option for planting in rooftop gardens. Indeed, this is known to have high aesthetic value, but it can go through a simple planting process.

4.     Leopard Plants

One of our favorite plant species is the Leopard Plant. Everyone will agree when we say the drainage cell mat exporter will suit the Leopard plant. Especially if you know how to water it properly, it will thrive.

5.     Yellow Trout Lily

An easy planting method in drainage cell mat exporter in Indonesia, we will also include Yellow Trout Lily as an option for planting plants on a drainage mat. A good drainage mat will allow the Yellow Trout Lily to increase and have a truly stunning appearance.

To help you plant these plants, there’s nothing wrong if you start contacting BaliGEOTEX now. Not only make you have an area for planting, but BAliGEOTEX can help with the installation process from start to finish.

Installing a drainage cell mat is not easy; there is a unique way too. This is so that the plants planted on it have the opportunity to grow quickly and effectively. And drainage cell mat exporter in Indonesia has good quality for your roof garden.

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