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What is a Indonesia geomembrane liner, of course, some people already understand, especially for engineering people. However, there are still many who do not understand even though it is also very useful, especially in making fish ponds. Most people use tarpaulins used in making ponds. Even though the benefits are the same, it is even better if you use a geomembrane liner. It can also be used in irrigation canals or other applications. It itself is made of sheet-shaped material with High Density Polyethylene and is a type of geosynthetics. It also has a high level of impermeability compared to using tarpaulin.

It also has several functions, namely having a waterproof layer or an impermeable liner. Even Indonesia geomembrane liner is also able to withstand ultra violet rays and harmful chemicals. The impermeable liner can avoid waste pollution that is accommodated in the pond. Because usually in the pool is also not only dirty but there is hazardous waste. So it is better to use geomembrane liner. In addition to understanding what a geomembrane is, you also have to understand its application, especially in irrigation canals. Because it’s not just a pool. It can also be used in the construction of irrigation canals.

What is Indonesia Geomembrane Liner for Irrigation Canals?

Not only for making ponds, but some irrigation also use Indonesia geomembrane liner as an alternative. Because it has a wide range of uses and various functions, it can even solve the problem of drought somewhere. Of course, using a geomembrane as a water reservoir. This is because the sheet is waterproof and useful for separating gas or water from the surrounding environment. Such as high density polyethylene for irrigation canals. Then geomembrane material is also applied to ponds, lakes, river settlements, reservoirs to coastal settlements. It can even be used in other water construction.

Moreover, Indonesia is a tropical country, so water reserves are very important. Water is very important and must be maintained. Using a geomembrane that has a waterproof layer, it can be used for several developments such as ponds, waste disposal and even irrigation canals. Another use that is no less important is as irrigation water for clean water reservoirs. As explained that geomembrane can solve the problem of drought in a place by making water reservoirs. How to use geomembrane in irrigation canals that can also be used in waste disposal. Because waste is very bad for soil and water.

So the use of this layer is very important. Then for irrigation channels used in fields and rice fields. The use of water in ditches or canals is often used, especially for water storage ponds in the form of ponds. Especially now that the availability of clean water continues to decrease and is expensive. So if you use good materials to make the pond. so you will not lose 30-50% due to seepage. There are several advantages to using geomembrane both in irrigation canals, and others. So you can consider its use, whether using a tarp or geomembrane.

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