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Indonesia impermeable geomembrane aims to prevent the infiltration of pollutants and toxic substances to the ground. Besides that, it also works as a waterproof barrier in hydraulic work such as fish farms, golf courses, evaporation ponds, treatment plants, channels, tanks, and agricultural reservoirs. Our high-quality impermeable geomembrane comes with current standards. Besides that, we also offer different roll sizes for each material to match individual site requirements. It is very important to select the correct material because it will affect the membrane system performance. When looking at permeability strictly, an engineer has to consider what is contained, the allowable permeation rate, and how it can affect geomembrane.

Permeation of the sheet is only one factor to consider in the application. Actually, there are still some other factors that can influence permeation. They include thinning of the membrane, damage during installation, and wrinkles. One more thing, overall design of the containment area may also affect it including life expectancy, concentration levels, secondary liner, and operating temperature. Then, there are 2 methods to test geomembrane permeation. The first is ASTM D814 Test Method. This method is for Rubber Property – Vapor Transmission of Volatile Liquids. The second one is the ASTM E96 Test Method. This one is for Water Vapor Transmission of Materials.

Indonesia Impermeable Geomembrane Applications

Now, after you understand the impermeable geomembrane well, you need to know about its application. An Indonesia impermeable geomembrane is appropriate for different applications. One of them is for attenuation ponds & lagoons. Besides that, you can also apply it for anaerobic digestion ponds. Then, it is a good idea to use it for waste management. In addition, a soil based gas barrier will also be great with it. There are still many other applications you can try such as hydrocarbon barriers, Japanese knotweed barriers, root barriers, and ornamental lakes. It shows that a permeable geomembrane is very useful for various purposes.

Indonesia Impermeable Geomembrane Products

There are a few products of impermeable geomembranes you can use as fluid containment or barriers.One of the products is GCL 500. It is a mechanically bonded geosynthetic clay liner that consists of pulverized bentonite embedded between 2 geotextile layers. To overlap edges for ease of sealing, it comes with additional bentonite. Besides that, there is GT Membrane 500. It is a standard impermeable geomembrane product that is appropriate for standard ‘attenuation tank’ applications in SUDS. The next product is HDPE geomembrane. It is the most commonly specified liner in the industry of construction. For your information, it is resistant to most chemicals.

Then, LLDPE is a more flexible option. It provides greater elongation. So, it is easier to work with, especially when forming around obscure angles or corners. Another product is Polypropylene Impermeable Geomembrane. It is a flexible polypropylene geomembrane that comes from a resin formulation that provides quality geomembrane. This impermeable geomembrane has an excellent flexibility. Besides that, it also offers an improved flexibility. One more important thing is that it is resistant to puncture. Now, you can select your desired product based on your purpose. In the end, we hope that an Indonesia impermeable geomembrane will be able to meet your needs.

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