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Indonesia prefabricated geomembrane is the perfect solution for many large projects. It is useful for different problems the clients face. For everything from tank liners to irrigation reservoirs in 40 acre, prefabricated geomembrane is very helpful. It is not only able to help in the process of installation but also with lead time, efficiency, and cost. On the other hand, fabricated geomembrane is a geomembrane that is slightly flexible to be welded or seamed into large panels in a factory. It is folded and transported to the project site. Then, it is unfolded without damage or creasing and field seamed & tested as needed.

For around 50 years, geomembrane has been the main choice for civil engineers who work on environmental containment of gasses and liquids. The nature of its application demands that geomembrane has minimal permeability in order to prevent anything from leaking into the soil it protects. Engineers rely on geomembranes for different applications such as hydrocarbons, industrial wastewater, agricultural water, and reservoirs. One of the biggest advantages of prefabricated geomembrane is lead time. If you order it with us, we can ship large volume orders fast. We provide you with a custom, pre fabricated geomembrane. It has so many advantages in different applications.

Sell Geomembrane
Sell Geomembrane

Factory and Field Indonesia Prefabricated Geomembrane

In the method of field prefabricated geomembrane, panels are prefabricated & wedded on site. This approach is an ideal option for HDPE geomembrane. But, the process of Indonesia prefabricated geomembrane with this method can present  many challenges that can affect the integrity of the seams. Things such as steep slopes, terrain, and dirt can affect the quality of the work & welds that may lead to future leaks. Besides that, you have to adjust its procedures for weather conditions & sunlight exposure. In addition, it demands high installation costs because it requires more workers and constant destructive testing & inspection of seams.

On the other hand, factory-prefabricated geomembrane is more flexible where it is prefabricated in the factory. Then, it is folded or rolled for transportation to the site of the project. Usually, the panels are welded on a flat concrete surface. This process can reduce the welding time drastically. Besides that, it provides consistent seams. After that, prefabricated panels are delivered to the job site directly so that it can be installed soon. You need to know that these large panels are certified & tested. So, only the perimeter welds that are tested on site. Overall, most of the works take place in a controlled environment.

The Strengths of Indonesia Prefabricated Geomembrane

The whole process reduces costs of installation. Besides that, it delivers quality results. In addition, the on-site installation time is narrowed significantly for large-scale projects. Then, factory prefabricated seams are much more consistent. Hence, it is less prone to leaks. Moreover, it offers higher quality. Furthermore, it is faster as well as cost-effective. In conclusion, Indonesia prefabricated geomembrane is the preferred method for contractors & installers with a narrow installation schedule. It depends on the time of year & geography. On the other hand, the field fabricated geomembrane is subjected to challenges caused by weather & other unfavorable working conditions on site.

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