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Geomembrane Indonesia has been producing geomembrane products for many years and is now the first geomembrane producer with 100% products made in Indonesia. For many years as a geomembrane producer, Geomembrane Indonesia has extensive experience and a portfolio of various outstanding projects that use its products.

Geomembrane Indonesia itself is an industry that focuses on the production of various geomembrane variants that have been trusted in various construction, property, and infrastructure projects. The trust of contractors and applicators in Geomembrane Indonesia’s products is not only limited in the construction field, but has also been used in agro-industrial fields such as agricultural land and ponds.

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Hdpe Geomembrane Install Price from Geomembrane Indonesia

The price of geomembrane pairs is determined by the type and brand of material used, the level of difficulty, volume, and work location. Basically, the calculation of geomembrane installation services uses square meters of working area or volume of installed material. The commonly used type of geomembrane is the HDPE type, which has a high density level.

The advantage of HDPE geomembrane is that it is resistant to hot temperatures up to 90 degrees Celsius, so it can be apply on surfaces exposed to direct sunlight. HDPE geomembrane is also waterproof and corrosion resistant, so it can be applied to submerged terrain without worrying about being damaged. Therefore, HDPE geomembrane is often used as a base for ponds.

Geomembrane materials that are sold by both distributors and importers, usually do not include the cost of installation services. The process of geomembrane installation services requires many people because the geomembrane rolls are quite large and heavy. In addition, the application process requires a connecting tool or a special welder as well as other tools and factors. Therefore, the installation of Geomembrane must be carry out by a professional geomembrane applicator.

Why is it mandatory to use our services?

Our Geomembrane Indonesia is supported by experienced experts in Geomembrane installations, and we always strive so that every project can be complete properly and on time. We also serve consultation regarding geosynthetic products, please contact us, and our expert team will help you to determine the type of geosynthetic material suitable for your project.

  • Experienced Technician Team

It has a team of experienced technicians / installers and internationally certified, with complete and high-quality equipment. We have years of Geomembrane procurement and installation/splicing experience.

  • Project Experience

Geomembrane Indonesia has been working on many Geomembrane projects, from the 90s until now. Starting from private projects to the government.

  • Geomembrane Installation Process

We provide consulting and installation services for Geomembrane, from start to finish.

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Geomembrane Indonesia has been proven to provide strong and durable products so that they can be relied on for these various projects. For each thickness and specifications of the product itself can be adjusted to the needs.

You can consult the manufacturer to get the appropriate product or request installation at the place where you purchased the geomembrane. To consult more fully about Geomembrane Install Prices, Please Contact Us, Our expert team is ready to help you and will provide the best offer.

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