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Do I need geotextile under gravel? It is one of the common questions that many people always have. Geotextile is now quite popular to use in many projects. 

There are two types of Geotextile that you can purchase nowadays; woven and non-woven. They have different looks and characters so it is better to understand them first before buying. 

You can buy these products from many stores; online or offline. It is sold in various forms such as in a roll, sheet, per meter, and so on. It is great because you can buy based on your needs. 

Geotextile non woven
Geotextile non woven

Do I Need Geotextile under Gravel? 

It is a yes, especially if you want your driveway to last longer. If you put this Geotextile under your gravel driveway, it can make you don’t need to add more aggregate base to the road.

This is because the rock will drop to the subgrade layer. The Geotextile that is put under your gravel acts as a stabilizer fabric and this method can reduce the need for gravel in the future. 

This Geotextile can be used during the initial installation and you should maintain it properly in the future too. The right maintenance is necessary to make this fabric have a good performance. 

This material works by giving a separation layer between the earth and driveway gravel. The Geotextile acts as a stabilizer because it has a high tensile strength.

Somehow it can cut the need for rocks in construction up to 30%. It means that this material can help You to have a more affordable budget (more economical and cheaper too). 

The Best Fabric Driveway

Do I need geotextile under gravel? You can answer that question where the answer is absolutely yes. Now, what is the best fabric driveway to use? 

A lot of people and experts recommend using woven Geotextile. It is because this type has a high tensile / grab strength. That character Makes it the best option for the driveways. 

Choose the Right Products

Now you have to choose the right product because it will hold the weight of heavy vehicles. Some grades of fabric are available for this case. Besides the weight, you should choose based on your area and how wide is. 

The prices are varied from $200 up to $3800 per roll. It depends on the size, strength, and technical rating. What if you break or damage the fabric during installation?

If it is so, just place another layer there. Please make sure to give the right overlap between the fabric to ensure that it has the best position. It is important to make sure your project can be done safely and properly. 

Besides that, the thickness and quality can be different too. If your project is large and needs to handle more weight, choosing the heavy-duty type is more recommended. 

Do I need geotextile under gravel? Yes, it is better to use or apply this fabric if you want to add more strength. Besides that, it is a great option to make your project safe and can last longer. 

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