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Do you want to find the geofabric suppliers Brisbane and want to know the goods that they sell? That is essential to know, especially before purchasing the products.

Geofabric that is also known as geotextile is usually made from the synthetic polymer. Those are like polyethylene or polyamides, polypropylene, and polyester.

Then, those materials are processed by needle punched, woven, or the heat bonded methods. You can say that it is a durable and permeable geosynthetic materials.

Usually, these are used to filter, separate, reinforce, retain, protect, or drain the soil. Here is more information about the geofabric suppliers Brisbane and their common products.

Where it is Used

Due to it’s functions and benefits, geotextiles can be applied in various places. It is especially the civil construction such as harbors, roads, canals, reservoirs, dams, and many more again.

These are more for the retaining construction to improve the land stability and provide the erosion control. Furthermore, it is also used as an aid in drainage.

This product can be sold in various different items with the different sizes. You may purchase it for some meters or even in a complete roll.

Sell Geotextile
Sell Geotextile

Products from Geofabric suppliers Brisbane

Every suppliers may sell the different items. However, there are some common products that they sell such as:

1. The Woven Geotextile

This woven type is known for it’s stability and strength. If you see it, this item has the durable composition and intricate weave method. It also withstand with the test of time.

You should know that this woven Type is recommended whether for landscaping project or in civil engineering. Basically, it is the most popular options purchased by clients.

2. Non-woven

This is the second type to know. Non-wovem Geofabric is a revolutionary fabric made for performance and also versatility.

It has the unique structure that is so great for drainage, superior filtration, and separation ability. This non-woven also had the exceptional durability and strengthened.

The geofabric suppliers Brisbane claims that this item is a perfect solution for many geotechnical applications. Those are from the landfill capping, erosion control, etc.

3. Geomat

Geomat is widely known as a solution for slope stabolization and erosion control. It has the advanced materials and unique design that make it is able to gibe the Unparalleled protection to avoid erosion.

Geomat can protect the land from sedimentation and water runoff as well. It will give the sustainable and cost-effective solution for highways to riverbanks.

4. Geobag

It is a durable bag from geofabric suppliers Brisbane that is filled with many materials such as gravel, sand, or soil. Geobag can give the amazing reinforcement and stability got your land.

Besides that, it is also versatile that makes it is perfect for land reclamation projects, coastal protection, and eco-friendly properties. It is a lasting solution for sedimentation and erosion control.

Besides the products above, there are still some other items. These are geotub, geocell, geogrid, geobox, and so on. BaliGEOTEX is the right manufacturer and exporter to fine these items.

It is definitely a trusted manufacturer and exporter based in Indonesia. You can call BaliGEOTEX if You didn’t find the geofabric suppliers Brisbane.

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