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Geotextile fabric for wicking beds is the perfect answer for many civil or environmental applications. Both private and public projects using wicking beds will require this type of fabric. And to make it even more effective, follow our guide right away!

Geotextile products are often selected for project or civil applications. All activities that require cloth like this are said to be more effective. This selection of products includes woven films, monofilament filtration, or non-woven fabrics, all of which have their specialty!

However, we will discuss something other than this fabric type here but will focus more on applications and specifications. Some things to look at when we talk about this are timing, sediment and erosion control, and soil structure.

The primary function of geotextile is indeed to make poor soil more stable. So with this sound soil quality, construction can continue. And more importantly, constructors and civil engineers no longer need to worry that erosion will occur.

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The Applications of Geotextile Fabric for Wicking Beds

However, the essential requirement to receive the extraordinary impact of this geotextile fabric is to follow the existing guidelines. Profits and needs are always related to one another. Therefore, the application of geotextile fabric for wicking beds should be like this:

1. Temporary Silt Fence

The function of this material can be a temporary silt fence. This means that geotextile fabric can help control rainwater layers and help prevent soil migration from the work site. Thus, the application process remains effective because there are no obstacles.

2. Separation

The following function of the geotextile fabric for wicking beds is separation. The meaning is this type of fabric can reduce the kind of soil that is mixed. Thus, it will help the use of the structure and reduce the construction cost and time.

3. Stabilization

Applications of geotextile in the field of wicking beds are also for stabilization. Using this stabilization means it can increase the carrying capacity of the cross-section of the soil. And this means that construction can proceed without worrying about lousy soil appearing.

4. Filtration or Drainage

One of the central and most essential tasks of geotextile fabric for wicking beds is filtration or drainage. This use of filtration helps prevent the migration of fine soil into the drainage medium. And this can also keep the channel functioning optimally.

5. Permanent Erosion Control

Geotextile fabric for wicking beds can be used to prepare and support surfaces to prevent wind or water erosion. This is usually used at the beginning of a project and in the final stages. Protects downstream rainwater and keeps project edges.

6. Reinforcement

Using geotextiles can also help operate the structure on already good enough parts. With us in this field, the service life and preservation of the finished design are affected. So that the construction of the building remains good after a long time.

BaliGEOTEX is a company that can guarantee all these applications. Only some companies have significantly impacted building interests. The quality of the geotextile is critical, and BaliGEOTEX can guarantee it.

In the interest of strengthening the structure of land, there are many things that you must pay attention to first. Civil engineering should know what to focus on. You can’t buy geotextile fabric for wicking beds arbitrarily, and you must use it according to the application.

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