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When it comes to choosing the best geotextile fabric suppliers near me, there are some things you need to know. This material can be separated into two terms which are ‘geo’ and ‘textile’.

The first word originated from the Greek and means ‘earth’. So, this product can be defined as a permeable textile that can be combined with civil engineering materials such as soil.

This product is a branch of technical textiles. It is a certain type of polymer fabric such as polypropylene, polyester, et cetera. With its very fine perforations, it is used in civil projects and is able to improve soil properties.

Geotextile Fabric Suppliers Near Me, A Brief History

The history of geotextile began when the ancient Egyptians used various natural plant fibers to increase the strength of the soil. Originally made in the 1950s using synthetic polymers, R.J. for the first time used geotextile material.

Primarily, this material was used in precast concrete for erosion control. This work was completed using a monofilament woven fabric by R.J. From the early 1960s, this material was then used for some purposes in civil projects.

It was used for extraction, protection, filtration, and other purposes. This particular type of fabric was shown at Paris Engineering Conference in 1977 and was called geotextiles.

Fibers used to create both geo-textiles manmade and natural fibers are nowadays the component to produce geo-textiles from geotextile fabric suppliers near me. The most used component was synthetic (manmade) fiber.

The sources for making natural fibers are plants (seeds, leaves, bark, and others) minerals, animal, et cetera. There are several characteristics of the product resulting from natural fibers such as durability, robustness, biodegradability, good drape ability, and strength.

However, in making this product, natural sources are used less compared to the previous time. They are such as ramie, jute, flax, and coir fiber.

Once the geotextile product is produced from synthetic fibers, it is called geosynthetic. Therefore, it can be said that all geosynthetics are among the types of geotextiles.

Polypropylene and polyester are generally used to make different types of this product from geotextile fabric suppliers near me. The fibers include polyamide, polyester, polypropylene, PET, and polyethylene.

Sell Geotextile Woven
Sell Geotextile Woven

The Different Between Non-Woven and Woven Geotextile

The woven type is produced by weaving narrow strips of film together. They serve the function of reinforcement and separation. This material is associated with tensile strength which is the resistance ability to break under pressure.

In general, based on its appearance and feel, it is more plastic. Although they do not offer drainage and are relatively impermeable, they are usually used for parking lots and roads of their load capacity.

Move to the non-woven product from geotextile fabric suppliers near me, it has the main ability for filtration, separation, and drainage. The process of making this type is opposite to weaving which is needle punching.

This product is referenced by weight for example 3.4 oz. per square yard. It is more felt in appearance and feel. This type is widely used for projects that require filtration and drainage due to its permeability.

Once you understand the product you are going to use, you can decide which one is suitable before buying. Avoid return calls about finishing your drainage issue by buying the best product from BaliGEOTEX, one of the best geotextile fabric suppliers near me.

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