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Everyone already knows that the system and how the geotextile filter fabric works are to help with drainage and erosion control and be specific solutions for construction purposes. But to get all of these benefits, knowing all the methods is crucial.

When encountering common problems in construction, such as drainage, this will significantly hinder how the building works. This situation even makes a lot of wasted time and money. So the transparent solutive system is what is needed so that it can be adequately controlled.

In addition, other structural issues, such as erosion control, are also important. This fabric is usually laid directly on the soil, and each system has no additional barriers. So, to make things more effective, you need a guide to the method.

From the explanation above, geotextiles are often used in erosion control and drainage applications. There are some of the most common application systems, and these can form a plan. But in fact, only a few people know how this system works.

Sell Geotextile
Sell Geotextile

Best Guide to Know More about Geotextile Filter Fabric

For this purpose, geotextiles are well-known as the answer to the most common filtration problems. However, everything is great if used according to what it should be. Knowing this guide will help you find out more about this material.

1. Filters Designs

We will start first by solving the design of the geotextile filter fabric. It began with the construction party, which recognized the many problems during construction, such as erosion and blockage. Therefore, we need answers to help retain the soil particles.

A manual system or typical filter design comes to answer all these obstacles. Later it became used more frequently. And these filter designs are growing and stopping much confusion about filtration.

2. Mechanism of Filtration

Geotextile filter fabric has its working mechanism. Filters should prevent the excessive migration of soil particles and, at the same time, must allow the liquid to flow freely. Common problems such as soil clogging should be resolved here.

Because the primary mechanism is a filter that must retain the soil. Not to mention that the forest is porous enough to free liquid flow through it. Some even have unique pore spaces and openings to create the spec filtration value the filtration.

3. Filter Requirements

Geotextile filter fabric can be known more closely after knowing the applications and requirements. The drainage criteria for geotextiles are primarily derived from the filters. And retention is of the utmost importance to ensure that geotextile openings are small.

In addition, the geotextile must also have an anti-logging system that can ensure that the geotextile has adequate openings. Some also must help prevent trapped soil from clogging openings. Survivability and durability are unique criteria and requirements as well.

The filter is crucial and finding products with good filters enge. To make it easier, this can only be done by using a company that is already well known. And the company we recommend getting good geotextiles is BaliGEOTEX.

The drain medium is the most important to make the work of the geotextile more effective. Filter requirements coupled with a unique filter system make no clogging anymore. But you only need to find a geotextile filter fabric with the proper mechanism.

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