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The geotextile non woven drainage fabric is a kind of material that you may want to know more about. It is especially true if you want to do this drainage function in a land or area. 

This fabric is very unique and when you see it you will see that the fibers are bonded. In a drainage system, the non-woven geotextile has a function of filtration.

In the market, you can see that this fabric has various sizes and types. It can ensure you get the best product for your projects. The prices can be varied too since this thing has some different sizes.

Geotextile non woven
Geotextile non woven

Two Factors that a Geotextile Must Have

Geotextile non woven drainage fabric can function as filters that provide the possibility of fluid movement through them, that is, perpendicular flow towards the plane of the sheet. 

At the same time, this material must also be able to hold the soil. That is why; the soil grains do not go along with the flow. Therefore, two important factors must be provided by this item simultaneously, such as:

1.     Proper Permeability

The Permeability must be large enough (requires the size of the opening holes of geotextile pores). So, geotextiles as filters must provide flexibility for water to flow through them.

Usually, that function must be able to do at least up to the end of the life of the construction plan. That is why; choosing the best geotextile non woven drainage fabric is essential. 

2.     Ability to Hold Soil Grains 

The ability of geotextiles to hold soil grains is also important. It will make the soil does not participate in the flow. This ability requires a tight arrangement of threads.

Besides that, this material must be able to prevent the migration of soil grains through geotextiles. If some of the grain has to pass through the geotextile, then the granules should not clog the material during the life of construction.

Choose the Right Geotextile Non Woven Drainage Fabric

The size distribution of the soil grains to be filtered must be adjusted to the size distribution of holes opening the pores of geotextiles. In this case, it is most suitable to use Non-Woven Geotextile because.

The reason is its carpet-like shape that has very small pores. That is why; it is able to filter for various types of soil with a wide distribution of grain sizes.

The flow through geotextiles when placed in the ground is usually laminar. However, it can become turbulent when affected by waves. The permeability can be measured in the laboratory, by creating a low hydraulic gradient to make the flow laminar

About Its Drainage Function 

The geotextile non woven drainage fabric In the direction of its plane can be drained by liquid. That is why; it can serve as a drainage channel. 

Drainage functions in this product as a balance in the system with respect to soil, allowing a free flow (but no soil is lost) in the direction of the plane over a long period of time. The function of geotextiles generally decreases when normal voltage acts on the field.

The parameter that can be seen in its function as a drainage is the flow of fluid. That is in the direction of the geotextile non woven drainage fabric field or can be called transmissivity.

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